The Mattresses

Burned televising bad refrigerator or. Dirty preservatives or hidden papers of suspicious viscosity in the mattresses or under the beds. Caught centers day and night until one returns to extinguish them if they are not fused; accounts of telephone by calls of hours of duration or long-distance or to hot or esoteric lines. Sweepings bags forgotten or investigated by the dogs, materas broken with the flowers and the Earth in the ground, the cloth of the billiards broken or stained of egg and young milk to seat a to eat in him. And everything without the possibility of making no reclamation, because when doing it, are solely refusals, resentments, rages and nothing is solved. If one humbly asks that they give back the property to him with two days of advance, after to free lend it by two weeks, the wife of the friend of all the life decides that she does not support to such short humiliation and of edge a friendship of twenty years. If one considers that in defense of his privacy it does not seem to him comfortable to lend the fourth private one of the marriage, the friend of the childhood had requested that it to go only with the family and appears with twenty friendly, twists of the indignation, owning of at night leaves it to the rage in half and ends the friendship, forgetting that the owner had invited always it free considering his precarious condition economic.

Bad because and yes bad because no. is always lost, with face or seal. One is always villain, H.P., damn the rich one. And the jewel of the crown is the butler. That yes it is a race aside. Because for advantageous and marrulleros, farmers our. To all hour plotting, trying to remove advantage, thinking that the natural thing is that the poor men try whatever the cost to remove benefit to him to which they consider that he is rich.


In the poem " Invitation to contemplate luna" , published in the cricket, of 1923, Nal Roxlo does what never more it will do in all the passage of the book: one separates from the modernismo, with his transformation of images, metaphors and music, to try an alternative way to the one of a Metaphysical and spiritualist poetry. The first word of the poem invokes one third person, the flame to participate in a experience in which it will have to leave of side literary imagery for " to see this moon. It is a simple moon of the nature (16). " The call admits, therefore, a request appointed a reader of Literature and able to have " seen literary moons that by the leaves of books they roll (Op. Cit. ) " ; but that invitation, estimates a future interlocutor, nonexistent, still able to try the ways after which poetic I watch the moon for the first time, without mediation of literary imagery, and which she is on the awares, in the middle of a dream, " to one moon-lit night and it contemplates (IV to it. ) ". Roxlo is interrogated in this poem how it would be the moon without mediation of the Literature and its language of metaphors and is in that hesitation of the question where it founds an instance on which the poetry, for the first time in the book, is freed of the spiritualist weight with which, in 1923; but still today, it continues appearing under a battalion of images, metaphors and searched carefully phrases that little or nothing say of how we perceived the world, and yes, of the aesthetic values that hegemonise the poetic activity, as much at popular level as in the specific poetic circuits. Those values, by all means, are not other that the nineteenth-century taken care of beauty and of the language, with the unique aim to obtain a onanista and belletrista adhesion; but that, thus used, seems to make us now think that in S.