Tunnel Advances

Of that light in the end of the tunnel advances If already I cannot enxergar I am moored, with the eyes vendados Without voice pra to cry out Of it advances that me to beg for relief If already I do not feel my feet in the soil My directions me traram to distract pra me Now I am in the enemy side of my heart it only looks at what it happened with me I delivered myself without perceiving that I was never free now it is late excessively handcuffs do not wound me they kill me and I do not feel nothing ' I am, ready here pra to blow up End of the tunnel is mined field Is late excessively pra to come back the guilt is mine, pain also I know the side good of the solitude the way in return But I want to be I tired of being blind with diamonds in the hands I tired of sacrifices without rewards to transform cure into illness I tired to love treason and if to be deceptive for mercy pain contracts, presses the pleasure frees already I do not feel nothing beyond relief and I go in peace. end of the tunnel is mined field I who was done of metal I turn statue salt without never having looked at pra backwards.