Lanin National Park

In the distance, where the lake runs its course towards the Pacific Ocean, which look like painted the mountain boundaries. Like all people who love this place, Nacho feels the weight of this beauty, while being protected within the Lanin National Park, knows the danger to that place intangible. Pora cross your mind as slogans, to exchange green green Eutrophication indiscriminate felling forest fires. . . but hey, enjoy this autumn day, good music on the radio and a day in the field. About noon arrived at La Estancia. He stopped at the house of the shepherd, the dogs came to greet him, but one that was hiding, probably remember the last shot that was cured of distemper.

Don Raul emerged smiling respectfully before the arrival of the Doctor. After greeting entered the house, typical of the area, base of stone, wood and other gable. Inside the wood stove radiated heat evenly, so necessary because despite the sun the temperature was over 5oC. They took some mates together for some good fried cakes, freshly fried in fat, hot, swollen by the action of yeast. After a pleasant conversation on issues of time and comments on families of the people fired.

The Break entered the path leading to the house. The floor was crunchy carpet of golden leaves. To the sides, cypress, maitenes, oak Pellinen and rolling nires colihues reeds of the understory. He approached the main house, got out. Through the large glass windows watching a gallery with armchairs covered with skins, hunting trophies in the area and other regions of the world, on the walls.