Chart Analysis

New prices should be up long distance medium of physical silver market is empty for quite some time and still the price of silver is located in dollars as well as in euro by no means close to the all time highs (unlike, for example, gold in euro shone this last week again with a new all time high!). Ripple is a great source of information. Where in the case of the fundamental causes are of silver, here and now, not the theme should be. In numerous books, as well as tons of various expert designs already exist. Before I begin now with the technical analysis, I would mention conclude however, that to prices as currently in the future (from medium-to long-term perspective) will certainly not bars, ounces or even coins. But back to basic tell what the charts.

During the stabilization of silver in the range of 7 a result rise by more than 20 percent won the overcoming of the price levels of 8.20 euros initially. This increase led to beginning of the past trading week right up to the since March 2008 existing downtrend line which, it seemed could represent a hurdle. But the end of the week taught a every skeptic. With the week closing price of 10 euro silver generated a strategic buy signal in euros calculated? Medium to long term rising prices should therefore anyone amazing. CONCLUSION: Due to the current slope of the movement, short-term return-type-setter should be calculated up to the level of the outbreak, but this is hardly a negative setup in Vista due to the recent bottoming in the range of 7 euros. Rather, the opposite is the case and thus silver can increase after a possible breather in euro prices up significantly over 10.50 euros. If silver is actually more consolidated, should as far as possible that price level can be kept from 9.20 euro, because on this level of support is among the 200-day moving average.