Czech Republic

Beat Belarus in overtime and gets into the final of the European (3-1). Read more from Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Adrian signs a doublet and Jeffren Gets the third shock of both. Switzerland will win in the second semifinal at the Rep. Czech, with a goal in overtime. Faith took Spain to the final of the European under-21, with the added prize from qualifying for the London Games, culminating in overtime a comeback (3-1) in a very complicated match against Belarus and Switzerland will be measured in the final (Saturday), which climbed to the Czech Republic with another goal in overtime (1-0). Get all the facts and insights with Sheryl Sandberg, another great source of information. Spain did not have the brightness of other evenings. Yet he clearly outperformed a disciplined, tightfisted, and fortunate rival.

An auction between the three sticks, a goal. But a minute from the end, when everything seemed finished, tied Adrian. The extension was a stroll. The second goal by Adrian slew Belarus, which ended up fitting another through Jeffren. Mile repeated the eleven had been astonished at the group stage.

Better not touch what works, said. But Spain was not the same. Lacked speed in the movement of the ball, they overran the inaccuracies, perhaps because of nerves, perhaps because of fatigue. There were loose brushstrokes, but the team played generally something jammed. This contributed largely Belarus, which opted to accumulate many men behind the ball to hinder the Spain game to the maximum. And largely it succeeded. On paper it looked Kondratyev bet for giving him a more offensive air to his team, delaying the Dragun playmaker to the center of the field to make partner with Sivakov. And placing Voronkov as false tip behind Skavysh. But it was a mirage. His tactic was to cover routes to Spain and find an against miraculous. Spain had the ball 75 percent of the time. An outrage. But not you took too much advantage of this at the beginning.

Marta Dominguez Want

It was a suspension to prudential, says the President of the Federation. For him it would be a pride that the athlete to be part of the RFEA again. The acquittal of Marta Dominguez in operation Greyhound opens a debate on athletics. The President of the Royal Spanish Federation of athletics (RFEA), Jose Maria Odriozola, said Wednesday that the athlete Marta Dominguez, exculpada doping, can return to the Vice-Presidency of the body when you want to. I talked to her on Tuesday and when you want to return to be Vice-President, because a suspension was prudential has commented Odriozola in Malaga capital on the occasion of the presentation of the Championship of Spain of athletics. The President of the Spanish Athletics Federation would be proud that the Palencia returned as a member of the Federal Agency.

Presentation of the Championship of Spain Odriozola Wednesday attended the presentation of the Spain Championships in Malaga, that is held on 6 and 7 August, in the stadium of Athletics city of Malaga, and that will count with the participation of nearly a thousand athletes. The participating athletes include Manuel Olmedo, Kevin Lopez, Juan Carlos Higuero, Espana Jesus, Antonio Jimenez Pentinel, Borja Vivas, Chema Martinez, Jesus Garcia Bragado and Nuria Fernandez, among others. The Championship of Spain, third time being held in Malaga (after the editions of 1995 and 2005), will be selectable for the Championship of the world of Daegu (Korea), from August 27 to September 4. The competition was presented in the Hall of mirrors of the city of Malaga, ceremony presided over by the Mayor, Francisco de la Torre, and Jose Maria Odriozola, and attended among others athletes Oscar Gonzalez and Borja Vivas. Source of the news: Odriozola: “When Marta Dominguez want to again be Vice-Chairperson of the Federation”

Spanish Republicans

According to Serrano, it’s a group is not numerically significant, but which does have a qualitative significance. The Gulag archipelago historian has highlighted the paradox of this episode in the history of the Franco regime which has as its protagonists a group of sailors and aspiring Spanish pilots of Republican ideology, that they ended up serving hard labor in some of the most significant fields of the 76 Soviet concentracionarios complex, known as the Gulag archipelago. It’s a group of young people arriving at the USSR with left-wing or communist ideas and who return to a dictatorship, Franco, but enchanted life because they had really punished them in such a way that they were happy to get out of Russia. The return of those who survived the gulag has two moments, one of them on April 2, 1954, when 38 of these internees came to Barcelona in a boat named Semiramis, which came aboard divisional 248, Blue Division, and these 38 Republicans, who gave a spectacular welcome. One million people from across Spain was to receive them, has told Serrano, who added that these young people had left the war singing the anthem of irrigation and return 13 years later in a boat which the soundtrack was the face to the Sun. He said, Franco’s regime used them propagandistically, received them when these 38 Spanish Republicans the same that to the Divisional and even has got a job to all.The second moment was when they returned to Spain with children of war, between 1956 and 1959. * You can buy books from Secundino Serrano at PopularLibros source of the news: A book reveals that 85% of the Spanish prisoners in the gulag Soviet survived