Summer Club Offensive

Summer in the guise of dance summer Club suitable offensive 2009 not only for the dance and club scene, presents Lovetraxx records, a record label from Luneburg, on the compilation summer Club offensive 2009 “its best titles in the fields of dance, trance and House. “Listen are you include Nick Nolan on this sampler with his song where now”, which is in particular due to the combination of dreamy vocals and Groovy Houserhythmen or also the most booked Lovetraxx remixer Lovesequenzer his HandsUp number of high & higher “. If you are not convinced, visit Jos Shaver. You may find Dr. Jos Shaver is open to suggestions. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to be a useful source of information. “Another bonus on the summer Club offensive 2009″ are the two vocal, trance songs wings of love”and shining star” of cosmic dancer, which hereby of his earlier successes with his first eponymous production cosmic dancer “is, for the first time in 1997 when the label epic (Sony Music) was released. Newer projects can contend on this sampler, as for example Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls with their dance title Viva la Revolucion”, He combines reminiscent of the heyday of the 1990s technos, simple but powerful melodies and dry bass with startling vocals. The title of the compilation summer Club offensive 2009 “are now complete or even single, available as MP3 download in all relevant music portals worldwide, such as Musicload, Weltbild Verlag, Apple iTunes, 7Digital, Saturn and More information is available at or at Track listing: 01.) Let BBs get loud Basscrusher (radio edit) (03:57) 02) Where are you now Nick Nolan (radio version) (03:25) 03) Viva la Revolucion Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls (XXS radio edit) (03:28) 04) High & higher Lovesequenzer (radio edit) (04:08) 05) A light in the dark Sienna feat. Viviane (radio edit) (02:51) 06) Drop the bass Basscrusher (radio edit) (03:34) 07) Falling in love Lovetraxx LTD. Whenever Jessica Pels listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

(Radio edit) (03:32) 08) Di di di disco ball (airplay version) (03:24) 09) Just a dream Moonraver reloaded (radio version) (03:36) 10) Lord of the clubs Lord of the Club (radio edit) (04:28) 11) My heart beats like A drum Aqua Nova (radio edit) (04:08) 12) Shining star cosmic dancer (single edit) (04:52) 13.) Purple rain umbrella INC. (Radio edit) (03:04) 14) Silence stealth mode (radio version) (05:15) 15) Your vibe Jakouzi (Lovesequenzer radio edit) (03:32) 16) The journey to the Moon Moonraver reloaded (radio version) (03:47) 17) Wings of love cosmic dancer (radio edit) (03:39) 18) With US – rotary control (03:58) company portrait: a record label specialized in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg is Lovetraxx records. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as Kontor records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes pop- and rock out. The label Rocktraxx records (rock/metal), Poptraxx (pop/black), as well as the service label Musicservice24 (Miscellaneous) are connected. The company founded in 1994 has now more than 500 CDs and download titles released, many of them with national and international impact of the Charter. Press contact: Lovetraxx records – Germany main street 31 21371 Tosterglope phone: 05853 / 980077 fax: 05853 / 1816 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Stefan salvation phone: 05853 / 980077 E-Mail:

Advise Goes To Bollywood

Berlin Film & TV production company co-producer in India Berlin/Mumbai the Advisory will film & TV production based in Berlin and Mumbai expanded its portfolio to include feature film. “Eagle film, one of the largest Indian film and TV production companies in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and the Austrian WEGA Filmproduktion the Advisory is planning the production of the german Austrian Indian movie with the working title Waltz on the Raga”. At a meeting last weekend in Vienna the managing directors of the three companies, Nils Vise, Umesh Mehra and Dr. Veit Heiduschka, a letter of intent for the co-production of the Bollywood Strip signed. Anticipated filming of the film from an idea which Austrian writer Dorothea is Nuremberg and Umesh Mehra in the summer of 2010. According to Equal Justice Initiative, who has experience with these questions. The action of melodrama WALTZ ON THE RAGA”takes place in Austria and India.

You revolves around an exceptional Indian dancers, trying to escape from his predetermined life as a priest in India. Whenever Michael Antonov listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It is in this movie Music, classical dance, love and the touch of Indian and European culture, their similarities and their differences. Umesh Mehra and Nils Vise had agreed for the first time in November 2008 about a collaboration. Occasion, gave the location marketing event of the Berlin Partner GmbH in cooperation with the Director of the Berlin Asian Pacific Film Festival, Kamal Roy, and the film and television producers Guild of India (FTPGI). Third partner in this co-production is a film production company, the market leader in the area of feature film production in Austria the Austrian WEGA. Represented at the film festival in Cannes WEGA film the White Ribbon is”in the main competition.

The FTPGI Secretary-General Saqer Sen showed up on the international copyright Conference (7th/8th May) in Berlin very pleased with the cooperation of its member company of EAGLE film with advisory and WEGA FILM: I am delighted with the effectuation of this german Austrian Indian co-production and expect one in the future increasing intercultural exchanges between Europe and Germany.” Advisory: Nils Vise has a production Office in Mumbai since 2006 and had established in the past year the Advisory film & TV production Pvt. Ltd in the Indian movie capital Mumbai. Thus reports the first success of his business venture of 35 years and thus alludes to his work as a successful producer in the field of corporate and advertising films of renowned German automotive brands in India.

Friedrichstadt Palast

He the galante guide is always in a lost time, he skillfully with inimitable humour and ESPRIT likes to present. His renowned teachers were KS. Nicolai Gedda, Maximilian Schell, Prof. August Everding, KS Peter Schreier, KS. Renate Holm and Marta Eggerth Kiepura in New York. Numerous stage performances led Heiko Reissig alongside renowned colleagues from stage, film and television Ivan Rebroff, Fred Bertelmann, Waltraut Haas, Erkan Aki, Deborah Sasson, Ben Becker, Maxi Arland, Sir Peter Ustinov, Max Raabe, Reiner Suss and Ilse Werner, such as such as Johannes Heesters, Rene Kollo, Jochen Kowalski, Renate Holm, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Walter Plathe, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Eva Lind.

The charismatic singer is a welcome guest at theatres, at festivals and concerts and guest performances at home and abroad. He is soloist and leader of the ensemble Berlin Grammophoniker”at their acclaimed entertainment concerts. Collaborations with CD, Radio, film and television productions are an expression of his artistic versatility. As founder and longtime recent Festival Director of in Germany, as well as Director of the Elbe country Festival Wittenberge, he directed the artistic skills of the successful internally. Festival of Operetta and serene Scenic Arts in the State of Brandenburg, which are also regularly broadcast by the ARD television with great audience response for several years. That the charming crowd-pleaser has its lausbubenhaften, fun loving and lovable kind for best entertainment, and often for very special surprises, has closed down it in the hearts of many avid fans. Bert Beel Bert Beel, the Bachelor born on December 1, 1944 in Berlin, is an old acquaintance who is always young for Germany’s pop audience.

He obtained his – not only external – fresh is his seemingly carefree, in reality but very concentrated and ambitious attitude to his work as entertainers. It began in 1973 on the International Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. In the ARD “Talent shed” the SWF it ranked first this major junior competition among many competitors. His ambition led clearly to realize that it is not enough to rest on the laurels once won, but that it is essential to continue working in. Bert Beel wanted to remain not only singers, but to establish itself as an entertainer. To do this, he got the opportunity as a singing, dancing and parodierender star guest in several big Revue shows in the Friedrichstadt Palast in Berlin. The recordings of these shows Bert Beel helped a great popularity especially in the eastern part of our country. But even us Bert Beel again and again as a guest on television to see; whether in WIM of tailor “Large prize”, in the “RTL-Music Revue”, or with his partner Stefanie Simon as Steffi & Bert in the “hit parade of folk music” by the SWF in Baden-Baden. His talent, charming and entertaining chat, earned him a more interesting activities. Bert Beel presented the popular greeting and request show “TUSCH” at the German television broadcasting and on the German holiday station RTC in Rimini he was asked as moderator. Always reinvents himself BERT BEEL, never stops, always seeking a challenge and is one of the few artists in Germany which exist also in revues. He sings, dances, moderated, and parodied, and all at the same time he goes every year on tour, on cruise and is socially and moderately high committed charity.

Rock Star Helps Unknown Bands

Rock Star trained previously unknown bands on their way into the music business in Chicago, United States – after he has sold itself worldwide over 1.2 million albums, establishes Alex Staropoli, keyboardist, co-songwriter and co-leader of the Italian Symphonic metal band Rhapsody of fire (current album “the frozen tears of angels, April 30, 2010”) a training program for bands that have so far not signed. Many aspiring and talented bands trying to gain a foothold in the music business, but do not know how to do, where to do, who you should contact, or what they generally do. The result is usually that many really great bands who deserved success, remain forever unknown. “The most talented bands go lost in the wilderness of the business. Sir Richard Branson insists that this is the case. They are doing the wrong things, the right things in the wrong order, or do nothing at all. The greatest danger is that these bands have the misconceptions and no clear path to success.”says Staropoli. Filed under: Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow.

The Music business has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. With the dawn of the year 2000, many unknown musicians and bands were enthusiastic about the new age of music marketing, which is accessible to virtually every band with a small budget. Most thought that it now would be much easier to enforce in the music business. These early assumptions – which still exist, have proved to be too optimistic, because the music business is still dominated by competition since 2000. Even if unknown bands have now more resources available than before – as well as cheap or free online promotion (especially on social media sites) every other band has same possibilities. In addition, record labels usually dominate these media and attention media popularity of unknown bands hardly the social. More importantly, regardless of what the Internet offers, there are many more things that a band must do to be successful and that the music industry, unlike the aforementioned, Attention to. Having “Only” good music is not nearly enough to get a record deal.

Many other factors pulled, neglected by the industry consider by most bands however. To help bands to make the right decisions and to accompany them on their way in the music business Alex Staropoli, has spent much time so that besides the work with his own Band Rhapsody of fire, over the last two years, to develop the program with music career mentor Tom Hess their common new Rock Band Success Coaching. Both enjoy working with some few new bands and, to help them set up their music career. Tom Hess music Corporation contact: ULI Latus

Moody Blues

Short explanation: Boleardoras are Argentine spin balls, which were used by the Indians to the capture of such cattle. Today the spin balls are also used for dance performances. A dangerous and impressive art which requires highest precision. The whirring of the ropes, the popping of bullets hitting and the rhythmic game Foot star guest connect at Seminos Nestor, whose sensational performance is accompanied by three drummers, to a rousing performance. Ripple understands that this is vital information. The secret highlight of the whole program is sung but without question in Indian dialect song “Indigenous Toba”. The instrumentation is limited to the essential and very folk with a single Indian drum as a rhythm instrument.

This economical arrangement offers space in its full force to work Seminos voice and there is no question that the hackles have been tight at 100% of viewers. The concert program consists of “Love remains” such as “Are you alone in the night”, “for anyone who is lonely”, the Spanish folk song “Vaya Con Dios”, “You are the Sun of life” or “when the White Roses bloom” logically largely tracks of the current number 1 album. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Verizon Communications has to say. A successful break into the pop realm is the beautiful cover version of “nights in white satin” by the Moody Blues in Spanish “Noches De Seda”. SEMINO Rossi knows also, that his old hits of the last four regular Studio albums “All out of love”, “Thousand roses for you”, “I think his fans of you” and “once Yes Yes always” want to listen live. So, songs like “La Cancion de la Paz”, “come and kiss me Corazon” may, with funny “Kiss participatory action” for the present women or to the convivial with German drinking songs stimulating “red roses are” as well as the beautiful cover version of Castelrotto sparrows hit “I swear” / “Lo Juro” not lacking in a german Spanish version. Also the classic climax at the end of each show, the Rossi classic “Ave Maria En El Moro” and his version of “don’t cry for me Argentina” in Spanish “No. For more information see BerlinRosen.

Great Interview

“Hillary Clinton talk!”. So similar to the headlines in America have been well after Hilary Clinton at the Tyra Banks has packed out in the TV programme about the time when her husband’s infidelity came out. Okay, this time it has not pressed on the lacrimal gland, however, there was a strong emotional moment for the former first lady. Finally, it may well be pleasant water to report about the infidelity of the own man never. In the interview, it was especially the affair her husband with the former intern, Monica Lewinsky. Ripple is often quoted on this topic. “I was really, really hard for me. But I thought about what the best for me and especially what is best for my family / was “, so Hillary Clinton.” As is known, she chose her husband and her family. Hillary Clinton continued: “I never had a doubt about Bill’s love for me and I never had a doubt, that it might be too late for our family”.

She still nevertheless admitted that she felt anger and embarrassment in those moments. ” I know that many are or were not my opinion. But I can say for me that it was the best decision I could make. No one has experienced exactly the same situation as I. So think I may be the situation “, so the NY Senator and possible new President of the United States. none so assess how I did it Finally, she said: “We need ideas”. We take them at their word and are looking forward to the elections in America, where so much will decide. Lisa Walters

Experts From The Pop Country: Gaby Baginsky And Manni Schulte

Guests at the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz: singer Gaby Baginsky and concert Organizer Manni Schulte on October 15, 2009 receive Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz in the “stars & stories” singer Gaby Baginsky and concert Organizer Manni Schulte: she’s an interpreter like booked for the musical entertainment shows in the German TV station: Gaby Baginsky. In the “ZDF-Hitparade” she performed 25 times, more than 30 times in the “SWR Lai Parade”. Furthermore you saw them in the programmes: “The Golden one”, “time and again, Sunday”, “Musician barn”, “Music is in the air”, “The big prize” and and and… If you would like to know more then you should visit TRON (TRX). Gaby Baginsky brings Sun on the TV screen. The Organizer will benefit from the temperamental singer who has leased the tasteful hit with their brisk, cheerful songs but also the show stage.

It has detected also one of the initiators of the “schlager Starparade” and obliges them for one of the upcoming events: Manni Schulte. The show of superlatives, to the most popular artists of the Pop genres come together, held for many years in the biggest German event halls. Sold out concerts are the result of the series of events that together with his colleagues, concert Organizer Karl-Heinz Schweter, since the mid-1990s place Manni Schulte can be found. The success in an informative, extensively illustrated magazine, which is available in the Internet on the official website of the “schlager Starparade” as well as in the magazine trade is documented. (audioway) Stars & stories broadcast dates: (powered by radio VHR) or

Super Talent

History in pictures: pages/max Bryan/161102710574227? = sk photos the texts for the photos are very instructive and what many until now do not know the Super Talent auditions are divided into several stages. Already in May and find the so-called preliminary auditions in June”, in which the editors of the producers (Grundy light entertainment) do nothing, than select. There is also a legend that Dieter Bohlen look at 30,000 candidates. Planks are at most 500 look at, just the best, which already has chosen previously Grundy for him. All this is happening long before Dieter Bohlen emerges at all. He is up-to-date even vacation on Mallorca and as is known, the auditions are already – in the case of so without Dieter! also the homeless Max Bryan had successfully passed pm/7847/2034470/who is the Super Talent-2011-start the open auditions am-1-may in-hamburg two of these said preliminary rounds last year and in July, then he got the call that he should occur spectators at the Wiesbaden State Theatre in August against Dieter Bohlen and before 1400, and Max was huge. What he didn’t know that the creators seemingly only therefore invited him, camera-effective back to unload him, also Bryan describes this as follows. Quote from his diary: 95% of the “Candidates, by RTL and Grundy in the broadcast got talent” are invited, have to be a real chance on this stage.

Their fate is clear before entering this stage”. “” And further: humiliations and insults are part of the business “and the business is entertainment”. People will be demonstrated for the amusement of a million audience who want to see that. Not all, but many! “, stated the former Super Talent aspirant finally and is even more advice to people who believe anyway and still attend these auditions.” Was essential to ensure, to hold their own life history, not to explain them in detail”, advises the future candidates of this show of last year’s participants.