Jose Manuel

So for example, instead of paying $30 million to the major television networks (or famous that promote your brand), MLM companies use this money to distribute among their distributors. But I still think that MLM is a scam Finally, while multilevel companies are not a scam, there are many people will feel fooled in a MLM. For example, there are dealers that advertise your business opportunity in newspapers as if it was an employment opportunity (which is a hoax), or may imply that it is a business where you can win $$$ easy money and fast! Unfortunately, although the companies have policies for its distributors, they cannot control everything that they are doing. Attention!, also habemos many ethical and honest dealers. So if you’re in MLM, you must take responsibility and be transparent with your prospects.And if you’re not in this industry, you should know that the MLM is not an easy business, fast and much less there is a guarantee that you will earn money. In addition, if you don’t learn strategies of Marketing professionals, you will suffer from many rejections, propagating and teased by your prospects, which commonly are friends, family and acquaintances.

The good news is that today there are strategies of Marketing professionals so that you minimize rejection, you leave not planted, and to be sure to pursue family and friends. In addition, is a reality that wanting to learn, constant dedication and commitment, you can make money and achieve financial independence in this industry. In summary, NO MLM It is a scam. MLM is a 100% legitimate business, where depending on your efforts, willingness to learn and compromise, you can achieve your economic goals. Jose Manuel Medina is a Networker of the MLM business online. In your page Jose Manuel talks about the multilevel is scam or not.