National Constitution

It is not a data smaller than all the coup d’etats, like the constitutional governments who followed one another between 1930 and 1976, counted on the support of significant sectors of the population, particularly the tie ones to the formal apparatuses. After this defeat, the total use of the state of Right happened. Along with her, all the axes of antagonisms happened that they came accumulating and intermingling themselves from the same beginning of the presence of the Spaniards in these earth. And as well as the development of Cold War affected Argentine happening, also would have to make it the aim of that conflagration, symbolized by the Fall of the Wall of Berlin in 1989, year of the beginning of the management of Carlos Menem, like Argentine constitutional president, management that would extend until December of 1989. It is possible to emphasize that to make possible the re-election of Menem, since it became for Pern in 1949, de1994 was come to the reform of the National Constitution. During the management of Menem, and in beside the point different a global context, and in the total use of the right state, the process of disassembling of the productive structure was culminated that had even begun before the fall of Pern, but with another slant (Little remembers that in 1954, the first law of privatizations in Argentina was voted, the number 14.380, and it had sustenance in the Justicialista doctrine). That productive structure was based on a strong presence of the State and the participation of industralists and capitalists, and incipiently of the sindicalizados workers Argentineans. Between 1955 and 1999 it had practically not been a single means of economic decision into the hands of the State or Argentine private capitals.

The happened thing between December of 1999 and our days, is of knowledge I publish, although this knowledge is distorted interesadamente by massive means of communication. Happily the traumatic irruption of the technologies of the communication and the information emblematizadas by Internet, have been allowing for knowing other interpretative routes, as it would be the present communication, of that complex scene. All precedingly showed, that it is fitted in that one sentence of Emerson ( we only can see outside, which we have inside ), it tries to contribute an obvious subjective appreciation that it allows us to characterize the Argentineans like signed by pandemic and systemic crises. Said of another way, we think that the different cosmovisiones that are lodged in the Argentine population they contain old and superposed conflicts, which makes difficult the obtaining in agreements of generalized acceptance. It is for that reason that is ventured to formulate prognoses.