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Name of the film Rapunzel: The confused history of the original name Tangled Who can give all children and adults who love funny tales and Disney On what holidays New Year's Eve, Christmas Day, St. Nicholas, Birthday, International Children's Day reading fairy tales to their nephews, I've always wondered how to change people's perceptions over time and, perhaps, with the development progress. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Traditional folk tales that we read to children still, periodically cause in young listeners unexpected questions. Remember very well as a younger nephew indignantly asked me, How could Red Riding Hood's mother to send her daughter through the forest alone, knowing full well that there wolves. (But that's something all right, but when we with the girlfriend had to explain to my goddaughter looks like turnip Well, did not know that southern kid.

It happened. That had to tell her tale of radishes.) But this is the folk art now has been adapted for young readers, the text, so to speak, historically faithful and unchanging could cause kids a lot more uncomfortable for adult issues. Here, for example, Brothers Grimm. Remember all sorts of boys-in-law or Ganzeley and Gretel, which caring parents being dragged into the woods, there to throw? Now it looks weird fiction, but what about the hungry and cold winters Middle Ages, when morals were simpler? Or Rapunzel. There's Brothers Grimm has not even softened the popular version in which an evil witch blinded prince, encroach upon the girl, and the very young woman banished to the woods (and what to do – tradition, in a forest of abandoned men was no longer breathe, apparently).

Scarlett Johansson Iron Man

Scarlett Johansson plays the role of Natasha Romanoff (nicknamed "Black Widow") in the movie "Iron Man 2," sequel to the hit 2008. Along with Robert Downey Jr and director Jon Favreau actress went to the San Diego Festival of Comic Con. It was this event in 2007 was the launching pad for the first "Iron Man". During a press conference after the Comic Con Scarlett Johansson admitted that she had never felt so much admiration from her fans previous films. Gary Kelly is open to suggestions. "It's unbelievable," – she said. "It's so exciting – to participate in something, in which already have a ready-made fan base, which is a source of energy." – Is it true that you dyed your hair before his first meeting with Jon Favreau? Scarlett Johansson: Not to my first meeting with John. In fact, I met with John and Kevin (Phage) is approximately one year before the pre-production stage, and we just talked about some of the super-heroines of the world's Marvel. One of them – it's the Black Widow.

I think they play off the idea of incorporating this character in the movie and thought how it fit, and all that jazz. Then, when I needed a second time to meet with John, I repainted the hair in red color. Partly I wanted to experiment with hair color, but deep down I kind of hoped that John will like the fact of the experiment. – Did you enjoy playing a super-heroine? Scarlett Johansson: I must say that I really worked well in the company of such wonderful people who are always ready to support.