With Children

The action issue to the children fast action 2013 has appeared In the action book to the children fast action 2013 of the Episcopal Hilfswerk MISEREOR find teachers and educators teaching modules, worksheets, impulse and action ideas to meet Bangladesh as diverse Asian country in elementary school or community. The action booklet and the materials to the children fast action contain extensive information on the lives of children and the everyday life of children in Bangladesh. While the action book provides templates for the lessons, the first communion catechesis and the children’s services, told”the comic book to the children fast action on child-friendly way the exciting history of foul play in the rice field. Wang poster for Bangladesh in loving illustrations shows the diversity of the country. The CD shows the daily lives of the two main characters of the story in her native Bangladesh, Anamul, Rheka in 14 pictures. All materials (including action Bulletin: 5 241 13, 2.80 plus shipping) you will receive at the MVG, Tel. 0241 / 479 86-100,.,. On 13 February 2013, lent and the fast action of the Episcopal Hilfswerk MISEREOR world begins with Ash Wednesday. The fast action puts the living conditions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America at the Center each year. Is at the Centre of the MISEREOR fast action 2013 the MISEREOR struggling how many loaves have you? “, designed by the Slovene Bolivian artist Ejti Stih.