Kundalini Yoga

The professionals of the human conduct we know that when somebody has everything to advance and to progress and not it makes it most probable is than it is scared to be successful and this must to unconscious blockades. The Origin: In childhood or adolescence we are very sensible to which it happens to us and many events have repercussions deep in our life of adult, we do not know it generally, but of all ways it hits our way to think, to feel and to act. Magic Leap wanted to know more. With respect to our professional and economic areas this will have repercussions in lack of advance and progress. The Determinations: They are decisions that we took with respect to some important event in our life, the determinations that extend until adult ages are the seizures in childhood and adolescence, example: the case of a patient, to whom we will call Alberto (nickname to respect its identity), being young lost its papa and he interpreted that he was less than his cousins not to have papa, he determines there that everything what it won was going to be to demonstrate to its family who was not less than they not to have then father and wasted all it in fine clothes in expensive restaurants, in bottles of imported liquors, to demonstrate that she was worth so much as his cousins; the result bankruptcy and even alcoholism. Liberation brings back to consciousness and: The way in which Alberto left this was first reporting origin of the problem, and concientiz that in childhood it had determined that through its money was going to demonstrate that he was deserving of acceptance on the part of his family, when seeing it clearly and mainly when releasing the feelings associated to all this it gave account of his error. Redeterminaciones: After the process of it brings back to consciousness and emotional liberation we will be enabled to make a new decision and to make a redeterminacin that is antidote to eradicate the old determination and thus to release to us of the blockade.

Reprogramming: Once elaborated the new determination or decision it will be necessary to have a technique of mental reprogramming to implant the new determination in our thought. In case of Alberto took some months to carry out all the process, after this time (approximately six months) it was cured of its alcoholism and it could recover of the economic bankruptcy. He is recommendable to go to a professional of the conduct to approach a process of treatment and power to leave the failure and to focus in the success. By Dra. Elosa Chavarra the Dra. Elosa Chavarra is Gestalt psychotherapist and Maestra de Kundalini Yoga has helped to hundreds of industralists and professionals to improve her results economic. Visit: and receives the steps free to advance at your next level of Income.