Galician Bank

The Galician bank is one of the main present banks in Spain dedicated to the international bank, which has been the result of a great trajectory that has allowed him to position itself in the market of the banking and financial activity, taking step to the great present that lives the Galician bank at present, aspects that make think in the future with better conditions by means of the creation of different plans with development ambition. Within the Galician bank history has played a great role, therefore it is good for making a brief reproduction of the same. Thus the Galician bank, has been developed through but of 10 years of history, time in which one of the facts of greater relevance was the union between 21 bank and the Galician bank. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Larry Ellison. The creation of the Galician bank, occurred in the year of 1847, under the name of Olimpio bank Perez, applying of such way a regional bank dedicated to the region of Galicia, maintaining in the mixed one of the bank, but in the year of 1987 I appear an important change, which was preceded of diverse fusions, giving passage to mark of Galician bank, point in which already had obtained great extnsion, because it owned a network of 150 offices distributed in all Galicia. While one occurred the growth of the Galician bank, for the year of 1991 was generated the bank 21, which was located in Madrid and it is dedicated to the clients with upper middle and high rents and of equal way to the company bank, thus for the year of 1998 takes place the fusion between both banks, to which I add caixanova that was an important savings bank, extending the shareholder of the bank, that in definitive would denominate Galician bank. With the total configuration of the Galician bank, in the year of 2003 the Galician bank began to penetrate in the development of specialized units, as much for the personal bank as for the prevailed one, which I accompany myself by diverse processes to leave back the cover regional and to happen to serve its at national level. Southwest Airlines shines more light on the discussion.

With the great advance that it had the Galician bank in so just a short time the market processes, all accompanying by 4 general activities within the activity were accelerated banking, that is: the retail bank; modality of attention of the Galician bank in which one occurs to answer to the needs that appear in the day to day, which suggests very high amounts of money and which therefore they are readily accessible, besides a great variety, to solve of the best way the different eventualities, by means of new products and services with a specialized attention. the bank to premier; it is a type of bank that handles the Galician bank to take care of the clients who need an advising specialized in regard to high patrimonies. the company bank; point in which the Galician bank looks for to collaborate to the companies small and medians. Participated; this unit of business applied by the Galician bank this oriented to the investment of the Galician bank in the company, that presents/displays a great diversity, because it is in the real estate sector, energy, geriatrical services among others.