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Buy tickets and ancient coins: as he spoke of two friends, rare coins and banknotes gain value over time.

Ebay is a good way to get tickets. But beware, this hobby requires a lot of knowledge, know the expensive tickets, etc. They do it for passion and hobby, but have many years in the world of libraries. The council is to advise you do before you begin. Make your home green: trying to be environmentally efficient. My friend is always looking for ways to reduce energy costs.

Put high-efficiency light bulbs, seal the windows, check the weather to adjust the thermostat in your house, special paint colors to increase / decrease the temperature. It is best to always try to do the same, so you can see savings on every electric bill. My advice: to recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, with that aid the environment and could earn some extra money. Vinyl Albums: When the 2002 national strike, an unemployed friend started a business: buying LPs, vinyl records or sauce, and sold them on ebay. com for people in Japan could make up to 200 U.S. $ for a vinyl record of Oscar D Leon. Do not believe me? Check here and here Dollars: Believe it or not, remains the number one currency in the world.