Agricultural Study

Agricultural study tour with country Committee in Rome by the 10/29 to 2.11.2013 with many results from 29 October to 2 November 2013 traveled around 40 delegates and members of the Catholic Landjugendbewegung (KLJB) Bavaria on an agricultural study trip to Rome. They devoted themselves to agriculture in the KLJB very important international questions. The study trip was connected with the autumn Committee of KLJB Bavaria, who first met in Rome and chose a new election committee here. A visit to a general audience of the Pope and created by the KLJB volunteer city tour on the subject of Second Vatican completed the program. Land Minister Richard Stefke pleased: following the order of the Second Vatican Council the KLJB as young church in many ways is in the world today. Therefore topics such as fair trade, development partnerships and climate policy are also priorities of KLJB Bavaria for a long time.

In talks with the international organizations of agriculture and development aid of FAO and IFAD, we have especially the topic of microcredit and Food crises with practice can deepen.” Why does the KLJB in Bavaria this study? The aim of the KLJB in Rome was to connect several main areas of their work (agriculture, international and pastoral) to embark on a search for clues: visits to FAO and IFAD, which have their headquarters in Rome, brought in many direct insights into the work of the international organizations with expertise and microcredits attempting to encourage development partnerships. Here, she introduced KLJB Bavaria experiences from the partnership has existed since 1958 with Senegal and diocesan development projects in the discussions. The worldwide Confederation of Catholic rural youth (MIJARC) has a consultative status with FAO and is greatly appreciated here as a partner, who can directly introduce the important perspective of rural youth. The self-organised tours to the historical sites of the Vatican, which is an important basis of their youth league work for KLJB met with much interest. High point for many young people was a visit to a general audience of Pope Franziskus I, where the delegation of KLJB Bayern in the German language was welcomed and gained many new impressions. Land Committee elects new Wahlauschusss and Board In the body part of statutory KLJB country Committee was informed voting delegates present two evenings of the 28 in Rome about the recent work of the Association and a new Election Committee elected: in addition to the new Chairman Stefanie Rothermel (KLJB DiozesanvorstandAugsburg), Haak and Oliver Kurz (both KLJB Diocesan Board of Passau) are Christina next 2014 prepare Rene Prostler (Wurzburg KLJB Diocesan Board) the elections to the new regional executive and lead. LEA Wurm (KLJB DiozesanvorstandPassau) was newly elected to the Board of KLJB-Bavaria-Stiftung. Dr. Heiko Tammena more photos on request like printable and in two galleries on kljbbayern