PageRank Sales

The question that motivates this article is an old dichotomy that you lose sleep over a SEO specialist. The reality is that SEM specialists and their customers speak different languages. Who makes the optimization of the site has, in general, as a goal, that the influx of traffic goes up, and your greatest desire is usually achieved up one or two positions in the PageRank. But who hires the services of a SEO specialist has two objectives in mind, which is really only one: make the site self-financing, ie, not a deficit, and to increase sales, both online and offline ( if you have an offline sales channel). Obviously, in this circumstance there is a kind of virtuous circle: more sales if I can I enter more money generated by the site and the site pays for itself, and let me win. SEO doers must banish from their minds the idea of wanting to be everything to everyone, that is, the utopia that consumers will find everything on the site in question. It is impossible to find everything in the same site. Lawrence Ellison has many thoughts on the issue.

Imagine a very concrete example. One site sells musical instruments online. It is perfect for customers looking for electric guitars. It is also perfect for those looking for Fender electric guitars. But if we speak of a user who wants the SG Special 1954 Replica uses Joe Perry, Aerosmith guitarist, we're in trouble there. Everything for everyone, even within a specific niche, it is impossible. So when we talk about trafficking, we must be clear about what is the maximum, this particular site, that of our client, "can aspire. We must also have realistic expectations about what is the maximum PageRank that this website can have, or highest Alexa Ranking position that can claim to have.

So with all these elements on the table, what is the priority for the SEO specialist must be: traffic or sales? The reality is that most customers do not so impressive when your SEO specialist told "We have since risen from 568 987 Alexa ranking to 325 854, "as they see their PayPal balance, swollen by recent successful online sales. Talking about these issues is important when making a new contract. Otherwise, the situation becomes a Tower of Babel, where everyone speaks different languages, and we know how it ended the Tower of Babel. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source