The Plaza Mayor Of Madrid

One of the most emblematic of Madrid is the Plaza de Armas, which has a long and interesting history, is located in the Centre of the city and near the famous Puerta del Sol, is a mandatory visit if you travel near Madrid, learn because. The Plaza Mayor has been the scene of some of the most important events of the history of Spanish. The first buildings which formed the square were built at the end of the year 1500, but it was in 1617 that King Felipe III ordered the construction of the rest of the buildings, giving the square its own structure. For more than 400 years of history, the square has witnessed enormous changes due to the devastation of the fire. The last major change include the reduction of the size of the houses (more than half of them had been destroyed by fire) to only 3 floors and the construction of arches of entrance in the corners. In this square many things have taken place since the famous bullfights to public executions.

For a long period of time food markets and another type of trades carried out within its boundaries. Due to its excellent location and because it was built thinking of a place to stay to the Kings, the first House was a bakery on the ground floor with Royal rooms on the second. However, this place was changing with the passage of the years, invite you to visit the city of Madrid, can take advantage of the offers of cheap hotels in Madrid and take a stroll through the city to know the square and other tourist attractions. Article sponsored by Madrid cheap hotels