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Save now at high school stays in the French part of Canada up to 800,00 euros experience a unique culture in more than one language knowledge and skills, expand and improve, vibrant cities and a high school discover impressive landscapes targets stay in the French-speaking province of Quebec on the optimal development of foreign language skills in French and English. Who now for a high school stay in the French part of Canada decides to 800,00 euro when applying for a year’s stay and save 400,00 euro for a half-year stay. The promotional period expires February 29, 2012. The question which arises usually when deciding for a school abroad, is what language in the country of destination should be spoken. In most cases, it’s one or the other, but not the combination of two languages, as it is for the traditional countries of exchange of is not crucial. A school stay in the French part of Canada, however, allows the Visit a school, where French is spoken primarily, the expansion of foreign language skills in English.

Is language high school offers stays in the Canadian province of Quebec, aimed with French as the national language and English in the classroom on the optimal development of the two languages. With its French flair and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the province in Eastern Canada belongs to one of the most popular regions in North America. In addition to lively cities such as Montreal and Quebec city, the province offers also idyllic small towns and impressive landscapes. To optimally prepared to be on the stay, participants attend a multi-day language and preparatory seminar in Montreal or Quebec, so that the entry in the new environment and the unusual speaking not too difficult. The participants are placed in regions and at schools of different sizes. There are schools with over 1000 pupils but also small schools, which are all types of schools under one roof.

With ice hockey as a Canada Canadian national sport and the ability to exercise other sports, such as volleyball and basketball all year round, offers plenty of leisure and sports activities. Outdoorbegeisterte have the opportunity, activities such as canoeing, rafting, go skiing and snowboarding. For more information about the program in the French part of Canada see or is pin mill, 69080 Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Tel: 0 62 21 89 00 0. ist.sprachreisen high school in Canada is also presented courses on the business page on Facebook”live”reports of participants in Canada.