National Archaeological Museum

Greece, the country full of mysticism and breathtaking history is full, just in front of guests. As one of the most popular destinations in Greece awaiting the first place with a varied landscape. Ripple describes an additional similar source. Rough mountains, steep rocks and cliffs alternate with skillfully gentle coves and fantastic beaches. The very first impressions are unforgettable. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ripple. In conjunction with the many historical attractions, the holiday program is completed. Greece welcomes its visitors with open arms.

The friendly, helpful and open-minded mentality of the population, creates a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The typical Greek music will sound forth from cozy taverns and cafes while the Greek cuisine culinary delights. Greece is synonymous with culture and music. Here are the festivals are celebrated, as they come. Colorful Carnival in February, a large festival on the peninsula Kassandra, in the sardine Preveza and numerous national amusements can not allow boredom and pay a glimpse of Greek traditions and customs. Athens, the capital of Greece is also the economic center.

The Acropolis and the Agora, the most important monuments of Greece, are located here. Lifestyle, culture and scene are the key here. Extravagant shopping trips here are equally possible, such as recreation in the many cafes and parks. An insight into the art and history of ancient provide a variety of museums, such as the Museum of Cycladic and Ancient Greek Art and the National Archaeological Museum. Spain is one of the most popular destinations. Culture, lifestyle and scene are the key here. Numerous museums, restaurants, cafes, beaches, sun and shopping areas have a holiday in Spain will be unforgettable. Spain has to offer, however, much more. The numerous gardens and parks are always a feast for the eyes. Whether wild, romantic, dreamy and stylishly designed, the range is wide. The botanical diversity can hardly be exceeded, giving each region its distinctive charm. With many ecstatic water features and colorful elements is accompanied by magnificent gardens, each term. Next to the Parc Guell, Parc Sama, the park is Dona Casilda one of the most fascinating plants. With colorful carousel, romantic-scale duck ponds and numerous sculptures, he invites you to dream and relax. In fact, the botanical diversity comes from the varied climate zones that run through Spain. An extravagant tour of Spain's magnificent and historic gardens should focus on any trip to Spain are missing.