Russian Home

That is, in any case, it heralds a new death. Sensitive harbingers of death were and are pets – dog, cat, horse, cow, chickens. A sure sign of death of a family member was considered a dog howling and digging her hole. In Russian divination and omens reflected the theme of "Building victim "- a person's death in newly built house. If you have read about Brian Barish already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Therefore, a new home is usually the first entered the old man, as a young member of the family more expensive than living out his life.

And that no man, but the animal was the first victim death into a new home for the night locked up cock or cat. Marcus Lemonis understood the implications. And now many try for entry into a new apartment to start there first cat, not realizing that this is an echo of the old safety signs. Still widely known legend about the broken mirror: a mirror – a reflection of the soul, human counterpart, a broken mirror – split life. With the same bound in the custom curtain house mirrors when someone dies from a home. At the close death of a man always pointed out as a room a flower that never blossomed, and suddenly blossomed. The influence of natural elements also remained out of sight of people's will on death. It is well known symbolic value falling from the sky the stars, meaning the sunset of life.

Howling wind, howling storms predicted death: it was believed that the dead time the storm howling because they are dissatisfied with living people and require them to sacrifice. And, finally, a very common sign, which has very ancient roots – to dream is a dead man, who calls to him – also for death. Superstitions associated with death, can hardly be considered only remnants of endangered ancient beliefs. There are data indicating that these beliefs are not only transforming, but revived in the new conditions in the real world are the stage for continued existence.