Chinese Tarot

Tarot Keys to Success Friend For those who are lovers of fortune-telling, it is difficult to find good reading materials online today. The genre lends itself to people who have the necessary credentials to engage in writing texts devoid of content, simply fill in the blank. Welcome to my surprise, when in the midst of my boredom of reading so many mediocre things, I found Tarot Amigo. Tarot Amigo is a site dedicated to tarot and other divination sciences who takes his approach to these sensitive science seriously. In Tarot friend could find a site with a lot of material to study, not only about tarot, but also about the different types of horoscopes: the traditional, Chinese, Celtic and Mayan.

Actually I was very surprised to see how complete was the section of horoscopes Tarot Amigo. Usually expect to find two or three lines for each sign, but if you're like me, enjoy the extensive material which enables you to find other ways of viewing the universe. Tarot will also presents a Friend Full section with ways to throw the tarot. There are rolls of the tarot that specialize in a very specific question, while others have a more global view of the matter, by medium-to long term. In Tarot Friend can choose to roll on the Cross, the Celtic Cross roll and roll Yes or No Amigo In Tarot can also find information on the various decks that are used for the circulation of the tarot. If you've had the opportunity to have one of these cards in hand, surely you can feel the energy that radiates arcane, is really powerful. Feels that centuries of wisdom supporting the arcane truths they contain.

Through Tarot Friend, you may contact other people in the community through their forums. In Tarot Forums Amigo is possible to clear doubts, exchange information on many topics, or just a chat. Friend Tarot also has an entertaining blog, where Rocio Carmen Meli and post their articles to share with the whole community. But that's not all. There is also a support section in love, and much information about numerology. But my favorite section is the Friend Tarot runes roll. The runes are a special stone, which dates back to the Paleolithic. The ancient Celts were able to understand that the cast of the runes had a mystical power that has managed to survive over the millennia. For all the above, I thought that Tarot Amigo is one of the most complete sites on mystical subjects that can be visited today. Jesus Martinez Tarot Keys to Success Friend