Insurance Companies

THE valuation MEDIA to the INSURERS is environment to a 7.04 according a study by ADECOSE, the Spanish Confederation of insurance brokers, Pelayo, ARAG, VidCaixa and Reale are insurers headquartered in Spain that offer a higher quality of service to members of that institution. The barometer reflects the level of satisfaction of the brokerages associated with Adecose. Regime of establishment or free provision of service companies include Markel, Cigna, Chubb and Chartis. If we look at the global satisfaction awarded to the service of the companies we see how the average mark is located on a 7.04 however, we must not forget, as explained by the President of ADECOSE, Martin Navaz, the objective of this assessment, which may not be the same as the customers, is Objectifying the level of satisfaction of partners with different insurers with which work to encourage the sector to seek efficiency and improve the relationship with end customers. Attitude, agility, speed and ease of contact are the aspects most valued by practitioners consulted by Adecose, who as he recalled Navaz, is working on a code of good practices in claims to be submitted soon to the sector. Source. Drafting source: Press release sent by anamuruais.