Federal States

As austerity program in the East since reunification the most Bank customers could significantly increase their standard of living solidarity surcharge. Today better off the Germans than in 1990 after an investigation by the bbw marketing mainly because that the growth in income related to this period was higher than the increase in price. As disposable income increased since 1990 per household in West Germany by 45 per cent, in East Germany, they doubled. Due to the sharply increased assets and higher disposable incomes in East and West the consumer could afford today more than twenty years ago. This has been saved advance also vigorously. In the former GDR private savings – based differently than in the West–at least to a significant extent not voluntary, but a forced abandonment of consumption which resulted from the chronic shortage of desired consumer goods in the Socialist command economy.

Against this background the existing twenty years ago East German household assets is to see. Frequently David Rogier has said that publicly. In spite of the insufficient goods and the fact that retail sales grew slower than the net cash income, reaching the saving rate in 1989 only 7.1 percent and down more than 40 percent lower than in the old Federal States. Demand for the consumption pushed the savings rate in 1990 to just 3.8 percent. in 1991, he had the propensity to save the East German households have significantly increased, and a year later-the saving rate reached 13.2 percent, a value by 0.4 percentage points higher than in West Germany then. This year, households will save the record amounting to 200 billion euros in Germany. The saving rate will rise to 12.3 percent. In private households in Germany will put 12.6 percent, so each eighth income euro newly on the high edge in East Germany, 10.5 percent, are expected to save roughly every tenth euro. The East Germans pay also the solidarity surcharge causes an allowance scheme that low income by the payment of the solidarity surcharge be spared.

Prepaid MasterCard 24/7

With this prepaid credit card are always on the right path towards a debt-free life. Probably also in the financial crisis looking for your private finances in the attack have still to pay but not unnecessary fees. That has made 24/7 to the task the MasterCard. Everyone from the 18th Lebbensjahr can base order this special credit card on credit and the money directly insert charging the card. Quickly and easily is the motto here.

You can make 24/7 even the next flight booking without problems with the master card. Through a separate PIN number can be separately account now also the own account by credit card. For all other versions you lose very quickly. Abroad the prepaid is MasterCard a very distinguished cash 24/7, because here you know that is solvent clients. One can never live with a prepaid MasterCard via the own conditions, because if charged money angry pays the prepaid MasterCard no longer.

So you can also safely young people on Their first travel alone or with friends give the master card. If the credits are not sufficient, you can download money from the account in a matter of seconds of course at any time. The acceptance of the map is very widely used, so that you have no problems. Online orders with this credit card are really interesting. Because as soon you got sent his goods with no transfer. The master card 24/7 you can online order, and she then gets sent home. Can be specifically register the personal name of the request. Perhaps check out David Rogier for more information. The fees of the prepaid MasterCard are clearly staggered and make any conventional credit card completely in the shade. One is guaranteed with this ATM card no financial crisis at you and exactly it should remain. In seconds, you can transfer money, and of course also receive. Online banking times easily even without Schufa information through the credit function. Nicole nail

Austrian Financial

The concept of the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG): Everything from a single source’ Wals bei Salzburg – September 2011. Independence is one of the crucial success factors in the financial advice of the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) remains confident. In a recent article in the magazine FONDSexklusiv explain the EFS Manager Walter Fletschen Saeed, Josef Bauer and Martin Fuchs, why the EFS AG in the future will adhere to its strict independence and sustainability strategy. Further, the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) takes a leading role in the Austrian market. As one of the few financial service providers the EFS AG convinced their customers on the one hand with the qualified education and training models, but also with its always convenient and at the same time innovative product range. Among the leading financial consulting firm, the EFS AG as one of the few preserved its neutrality and independence.

The EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-) on none other is so Companies involved in vice versa also no banking, insurance etc. on the EFS AG is involved. Remember, that this circumstance has contributed significantly to the success of the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) is no doubt, as the company in an official statement to the magazine FONDSexklusiv made clear for the EFS AG: we can choose objectively the best from all products in the market. That our customers appreciate and guarantees that the best advice our partners.” And also the wide product portfolio pays off, obviously. “This Director Walter Fletschen Hall: the EFS AG financial is lived, that occupies the high number of contract per customer”. Especially gratifying recognition by insurance companies, banks, but also financial institutions evolved also. The sales figures, which may present the EFS AG since its inception are a clear proof of this.

The EFS AG is the perfect combination of quality and quantity for me and I invite everyone to become yourself convince”, so the assessment by Director Josef Bauer. The rapid growth of the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) impressed the whole industry. Director Martin Fuchs traces the success against FONDSexklusiv in particular to the EFS AG sustainability orientation. Fox calls clearly benefits from a sales perspective: industry targets such as for example numbers per branch are foreign to us. The Distributor can offer ideal solutions the customers to the best of our knowledge and belief.” For more information about the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) here:. About EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG), the EFS euro financial service mediation AG is a licensed investment firm with more than 40 years of experience in management. The EFS euro financial service mediation AG company was founded 1996 in Mainz. In April 2002 Senator Otto wittschier (2008) the EFS euro financial service mediation AG Austria and started the expansion to thus European market. EFS euro financial service mediation AG continued its successful expansion with the opening of subsidiaries in Poland and Hungary in the years 2004 and 2010. In cooperation with well-known product partners, EFS euro financial service mediation AG offers a high-performance, future-oriented and sustainable all financial advisory services. The EFS euro financial service mediation AG is Wals bei Salzburg. Contact EFS euro financial service mediation AG Justo J. Santos Josef Lindner str. 10b 5071 Wals bei Salzburg Tel: + 43 (662) 857385-0 fax: + 43 (662) 857385 31 eMail: Web:

Hold Associate Financial

The investment funds work when reuniting investments of different people or are physical or morals to invest them in different financial instruments delegating the responsibility to him from a society other people’s to the investors; this society can be a bank or a financial institution. One of the advantages that they have the investment funds is that they are reversed in numerous financial instruments, reducing therefore the risks of losses. We know that in these days, your money exists a high percentage of risk when investing, but with the investment funds, this percentage is lowest. When investing in a bottom, it is acquired what one is called participation. European Credit Rating Agency is full of insight into the issues. Same that has a price or value that can be obtained by means of the division between the evaluated patrimony and the number of participation that are in circulation. If what you are thinking is in investing, a investment fund can be the best option for you with the smaller percentage of risk in the market. M. Marin Used of Hold Associate hold.mx original Author and source of the article. Speaking candidly MasterClass Founder told us the story.

New Call Money Interest Rates

Up to 2.10 or 1.90 percent interest per year, DAB offer bank or ING-DiBa currently on the day money with interest guarantee. DAB bank and the ING-DiBa have for the occasion included the new quarter, and adjusted its daily monetary conditions for new customers. The DAB has reduced currently the day money interest bank for their new customers by 2.30 to still very attractive 2.10% per annum and in addition the guarantee extended until June 30, 2011. New customers get so the excellent rate of 2.10% long p.a. over a whole year.

The rate applies to deposits up to 10,000. Amounts are over 10,000 euros with a meager interest rate of half a percentage point. The day money is there for the free DAB Depot. The new customer action applies to all Depot openings until September 15, 2010. In addition to the great interest the day money account, investors with the opening back up also reduced prices.

Instead of 6.95 up 59.95 euro trader as a basic fee paid only a cheap flat rate of 4.95 euro. DAB bank counts himself among the pioneers of the Online brokerage in Germany, since the company in this area is woodcarwing since 1994. With its existing depot, who joins the DAB bank, is awarded with up to 500 euros (maximum 1% of the average volume of the Depot). The day money rates at the ING-DiBa could not evade a cut. However the reduction is not quite so drastically fails – new customers receive now 1.90% interest per annum instead of 2.00%. In addition to the still very attractive interest rates, a 6-month guarantee is pronounced. Adjusts the interest rate of for existing customers, this must be now therefore p.a., satisfied 1.30% with 20 basis points of less. The extra account of ING-DiBa is free without ifs and buts, the balances can every day has be. In spite of low connection rate of 1.30% p.a. is the ING-DiBa with her extra account in the below overnight/day money-comparison / to find current comparison at # 5 in the top box. DAB Bank is ranked for deposits up to 10,000 euro even ranked 2 of the current comparison and must only collateral Bill sale of Cortal Consors beaten themselves. Daniel Franke

SHB Estate

The real estate company SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB) is benefiting from the positive development of the German Office real estate market. This shows extremely dynamic in the last year. More than three million square metres of office space have been implemented in the six main office locations in Germany in the last year. This represents an increase of 16 percent compared to the previous year. Not only that. This result is also the second-best in the past ten years”says Hans Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Auch Colliers International Germany considers this result to be amazing and reported that in the last quarter of 2011 so much office space newly leased or owner-occupiers was no longer occupied by since 2007.

We are on the right track”, the real estate expert says the SHB, Hans Gruber. For him, it is important that the companies operating in the real estate market to expand their core competence and thus offer a real benefit, as it did, for example, the SHB AG. The Aschheimer company, with headquarters in Close to Munich, specializes on professional management of Office properties, which can finance it in the form of closed-end funds initially by investors. Investors in income from the lease of the objects. At the end of the Fund will be sold the objects to the applicable market value and typically achieve significant added value. The press went”in particular the great rentals last year, thinks the SHB real estate expert. Great rentals were made, for example, by OSRAM with proud 46,000 square meters in Munich by Lufthansa AirPlus with more than 20,000 square meters in the Hesse city of Frankfurt and the University of Hamburg with around 14,000 square meters in the Hanseatic City.

In addition, many more contracts took place, later captured and once again improved the already positive statistics from 2011. This development with the raised chances of prices shows that the real estate belonging to the offer for is no longer indispensable German investors”, so the SHB AG financial professional Gruber. Many neutral institutions such as scope, FERI, and others confirm the trend towards tangible assets. This may be related also, that Germany has a substantial backlog in real estate prices in comparison with other European countries”, so Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Fact is, that again occurred particularly in the dynamically growing urban areas for the first time in many years to real price increases. This growth is evaluated by experts as quite healthy and not so rapid as in some other European cities in the last few years. We have an attractive economy, a strong export, sustainable capital market interest rates and favorable financing conditions for real estate, to coming to a global demand for German real estate, because it can afford to, for example, hardly a serious international company, not on the German market to be present”, so the SHB Innovative fund concepts AG real estate expert Gruber. The experts of the SHB must know: you are home for many years exclusively in the German real estate.

Managed Accounts

Brand new start provider Finexo has made a brand new start with a focus on managed accounts of Dusseldorf managed account to the beginning of the month. The offer of the company under the new brand name Monexo is now”continued. Customers of the trading system supervised by Robert Paulson ‘ profit FX learn, apart from the name customization, no modifications. The account of ‘ profit FX is retained and is still provided by the Saxo Bank. The company uses the brand new start to draw the focus increasingly on managed accounts. In addition to ‘ profit FX offered once three more trading systems. Managing Director Kai Petersen noted that, when selecting a system, particular emphasis was placed on excellent risk management: maximum FX ‘ maximum FX invest customer funds based on a wide range of currency pairs, where the account is held generally in euro. Three different currency strategies that have been developed by a team of foreign exchange specialists, commercial experience of more than 15 come to the application Have years.

Strategy 1 is a trend following system which picks out with RSI if the price development of a currency in a direction is overheated. Strategy 2 is based on four trend following indicators and moves mainly during Asian trading hours. Strategy 3 uses short, quick trend movements, which are determined by a number of indicators. All strategies have stop-loss protection and strict money management. Additional filters ensure that risks from volatile phases, are triggered by economic news, reduced. The trading signals of the individual systems are implemented automatically generated on the accounts of the customers. Swing FX ‘ swing FX is only the currency pair EUR/USD and is designed to achieve small to medium income. Two mathematically-based approaches used for generating trading signals, specialising in the field of pattern recognition. Trading signals are converted automatically generated on the client’s account.

Managed Accounts

The current market environment, it makes investors anything but easy to make the right investment decisions. The desired responsibly with money investors in managed accounts for combined with efficient asset management the current market environment, it makes investors anything but easy to make the right investment decisions. In the wake of the financial crisis, the expectations have not can meet up today a number of Fund products and insurance. Therefore offers be taken now more accurately the investors ever scrutinized. While you stumble often not only over low to even add any value to passive index-related products.

The sometimes extortionate fees, as well as outdated structures in asset management, which date from the time of the boom years are also criticism. While the industry itself now recognizes the need to change and gradually begins to look for solutions for meaningful innovations alone a glance in the direction of managed accounts, would be enough to for orientation to ensure. Here investors find both already? The desired responsibly with their funds combined with efficient asset management. There were the vast beautiful weather phases”of the boom years in which today’s risk management has been developed. A positive economic environment, which was accompanied by sharply rising share prices, made it relatively easy in the asset management the Fund and insurance companies.

According to the realization that in calm weather everyone easily can be helmsman, the market environment allowed the asset managers despite some high fee structures of the products to generate an added value compared to fixed-term deposits. Loss phases were relatively limited and were therefore also no occasion, acutely to criticize existing investment models for investors. For the first time the stock crisis of the years 2001-2003 on the heal world then “the industry shook. After this event as unique at the time suspected, we are now in a phase where the crises themselves the Jack in your hand.

Jones Lang LSalle

Real estate expert Thomas Filor: Germany considered top investment real estate. The sale of big packages with thousands of apartments was a popular destination for investors in the past year. Magdeburg, 16.01.2014 – considered safe investment in a country with a growing economy and rising incomes. Since the financial and euro crisis, investors feel German residential real estate as an anchor in the emergency. With 15.8 billion, highest level increased in 2005 since the previous year’s result by more than 40 percent. This tells the real Jones Lang LSalle.

It counted sales from ten units. More than 236,000 units (previous year: 200,000) changed owners in over 440 transactions (2012: 300). Two large transactions in certain events. In April 2013, 31,000 flats of GBW BayernLB’s subsidiary for 2.45 billion euros were sold to a consortium of German power plants, societies and pension funds under the leadership of Patrizia AG. In November the Germans living AG took over 91 percent of the shares of the Berlin GSW AG. “This corresponds to the beginning of 2013 forecast trend to a higher concentration of the market through more mergers instead of portfolio deals”, emphasizes real estate expert Thomas Filor. Foreign buyers were less present in the German housing market last year. Only 20 percent of the invested capital came from them.

2012, it was twice as much. With 40 percent, listed companies were the largest group of buyers last year. 20 Percent asset and fund managers came, followed by banks, insurance companies and pension funds, with a share of 18 percent. Especially in Berlin and its environs the investors run has grown enormously”, so Thomas Filor next. Four times as much capital as in the previous year in the German capital flowed to 6.8 billion euros.

Why Communicate Banks Course Goals

Service for the customers, course maintenance, or public relations? The communication of course objectives for stock analysis is a much debated topic. It is performed to determine whether a value entered, he should be held or sold. How to determine course objectives? There are two approaches for determining course objective: A fundamental and a technical chart. Modern analysts link both systems, but two veritable camps have formed here, which are sharply contradictory in their rating scales for the part. The fundamental approach sets underlying the intrinsic value of that is traded. As an example of the stock market is assumed, for example, that a company has more potential than the current share price reflects it.

A number for this value is the price earnings ratio (p/e ratio). If this is very low, you can increase actually go out, and identify a target of price calculation of the fair value. Chartist determine course objectives, however, solely on the basis of technical chart limits. These are achieved, it is also the target price is reached. Why are course objectives? Not only why they called, is interesting, but also how the investor on the basis of this information acts. Course objectives, because there is analysis that allow a designation and no action would be possible without price target. Because of the risks in the stock market, nobody would buy a value if he could name not the opportunities in relation to the risks, and that happens with the naming of a price target. Trader reference number of CRV – the chance / risk ratio – use to determine their position size and the necessary loss limit stops, and this CRV is a price target mandatory. Accurate achieve of the objective of the course is done only rarely.