The Book

Sooner or later they will move down. You can even collapse. If you pre-read "Investing in real estate, then in such a situation does not succumb to panic, which will cover all and can make the right actions and good to earn some money. 3. With time is also possible wave of non-refoulement borrowers loans they buy flats now. The book explains how to acquire such property at a discount. The book is "a personal budget. 10 ways to get rich "teaches us every month to plan and monitor a personal budget, and thus send their cash flow "to be". For drawing up a personal budget, you can use ms Excel or Specials program. Authors resulted in a book compilation of examples of personal budgets and some recommendations for several fictional people with different types of financial "scenarios". Among them: 1. Employee with a low but stable wages 2. Interior designer – freelancer who has revenues arise "is rare, but aptly," 3. The owner of shares in a construction company that gets "passive" income 4. Actively working business owner who earns a lot, but managed to get caught up in consumer credits, and now with his family learns to control and plan expenses 5. And even 6-year-old girl who learns to plan, what better to spend pocket money chapter, which examines compliance with waste and priorities in life – gorgeous. In short, useful book if not lazy. Excel templates with the types of personal budgets are available at the Publisher's website as an appendix to the book. "Prudent asset allocation" – this book will be useful if you intend to invest in mutual funds. The author is a proponent of investing in index funds instead of actively managed. The first index funds have recently appeared in Russia, and their results work are encouraging. The book explains the difference between investment and speculation, and generates an investor psychological restraint and calmness necessary for successful long-term investment in securities. Her drawback is that it does not describe these modern investment instruments such as hedge funds, guaranteed funds and commodities, etc. The money brings not just the good life, but also increase social status and our self-esteem. As one friend of mine, an experienced counselor, "Money helps, too." wants you not to wear to work for money, and make the money work for you.

The Car

In the case of car insurance through an agent, the insurance company may send a customer to repair any another service, which, for example, will be located on the opposite end of town. We have almost all the customers from the south-western districts, respectively, maintain the car they want in their same area. Contract insurance, signed with us, lets do it. Fourth advantage – renewal of the policy, which takes place either here in the cabin, or a specialist leaves the customer free of charge. Before the expiration of the contract, we always ring up customers, recalling the extension.

Well, finally, is now being actively implemented a system of remote settlement of losses. This means that in the event of an accident customers do not need on every occasion to go to the insurance company, Vehicle inspection and repair will take place directly from an authorized dealer. A pay tomorrow Car loans are quite popular among consumers, about 30-35% of cars sold in the ENG-LAN "is a loan. Why advantageous to take the credit in the showroom? First of all, it is convenient and fast as sales manager immediately advise the client on a specific example of a car that you want to buy will tell you what to gather information, pick up a profitable new lending program and will make a detailed calculation. Directly in the bank, in principle, to do the same thing, but plus the entire mass will be asked questions to which a person ignorant reply will be more difficult.

Debt Funds

You’ve heard talk about the funds investment of debt? Let me I talk that these investment funds are ideal for those investors that have as main purpose, protecting its heritage with excellent interest rates. Debt investment funds are those funds that invest in both public and private debt. I.e. that you invest in debts such as CETES, among others. The great advantage of this type of investment funds is that they provide you different options of availability of your resources as well as different levels of risk. And specifically in Mexico, debt investment funds, are invested in various instruments and that more benefits is the great diversification of the same, what possibly as investor you will bring better yields. On the other hand, you have the great advantage of seeing how your money grows every day, since you can easily check the yields in any national newspaper or via the internet on the website of the operator where have hired Fund.

So I invite you to not think about it any more. Decide to change the direction of your economy and become a large investor that your whole life you dream to be.

Where To Invest Their Own Savings

Today, during the crisis investing his personal savings is at the top of all the existing issues. And decide where to invest their hard earned money while no one can say. The crisis in the country and the world according to experts is not over yet and its completion or continuation is just guesses for the majority of experts. Let's look at several options for saving their money with minimal risk to remain or with nothing. Opening of deposit in the bank. This method applies to the conservative half of the population and will work if you invest your money in foreign currency. Since all ruble deposits as they are today the order of 15-16% annually, just reduced by the annual inflation rate. Just before making a decision about investing their own funds in any of the banks should take into account who is the owner of the bank and what future goals and directions

Mortgage Loan Banks

In providing money to borrowers, banks are, of course, want to make a profit in the form of a commission for the use of credit money. Therefore, every bank is afraid of no return of funds the borrower, because the borrower and the impression of ability to pay interest on time and reliable person, the bank is still a risk. As with any bank, Home loan repayment always prefers receive time. In order to reduce their own risks, banks have set some restrictions on issuing loans. Most banks offer mortgages only on condition that the borrower necessarily provide guarantors. If the borrower can not pay the loan, then it will pay for bail. Every borrower wants to make early repayment of a mortgage loan.

After the commission in this case, you need to pay much less. This is possible with the first payment without penalties and commissions. Repayment of the loan may be partial or complete (early repayment). However, the size of the early payment should be equal to not less than 5,000 dollars. Carefully to ensure that the operator prepares all the documents.

Better to be safe and once again ask him as to whether your payment is fixed. Try never to commit the most frequent errors of mortgage borrowers, namely: excessive trustfulness – buying an apartment, make sure the legal purity of the transaction. The rate on low interest – attractive mortgage program may be unprofitable. This is a special trick, because when you make a low interest rate, banks can apply a variety of additional fees. Inattention – to sign a contract should always be after reading, studying rights and obligations of the parties. Please also take special attention to the provision for early payment of the loan, the system of punishments in the cases in which the bank can demand immediate repayment of the loan. Thoughtlessness additional costs – it is desirable to have an additional 3000 dollars. It happens that after making the contract offer to use the services of an appraiser, insurer, and the rates will differ from the well-known. Do not think that you can quickly find a property that you will be completely satisfied. After all, the realtors usually want to initially sell a good property and not to engage in problem mortgages. Rely on cheapness and not necessary. Forgetfulness – should try to repay the loan in a timely manner. Diligence and promptness in making your monthly payment amounts will create a good reputation, and it is – a big plus because when difficulties arise, the banks, as tend to go towards the disciplined borrowers.