National Liturgy Week

We meet us Sunday, the Christian community, made a prophetic gesture to others who are not Christians. But we need to know meet us, starting to take conscience that it is God who invites us to the meeting, and invites us to meet with others. Before the invitation of God through the mediation of the Church, there are two ways to respond: a negative and the other positive. The negative form won’t. There are others who say if I go, then that if I go to the meeting on Sunday, is that participatory Act of the same Eucharist. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource. In each liturgical celebration, we renew our baptism, and I want to stay in the Church, in the if baptismal, however if I say that I won’t, breaking that if I gave in baptism, you are breaking and is creating an abyss, hence the responsibility and to the formation of being faithful to that if baptism, when the Church calls us at meeting of Christians, of believers. There is a beautiful text of the Didascalia of the Apostles.

The Christian community is a body United members each other, but if there is a member that is outside the body that Member is suffering because it has been mutilated, and the same body is suffering. The author of the commentary applies to the gathered community. We therefore need this spirit, and if for a cause you can not attend, say that you I must be in internal suffering, because in my community was missing a member. What we are celebrating is that Christ speaks to us now and here is his word donation to the Christian community gathered. There are many ways to receive or meditate the word of God, it can be a verbal form. There is a way to act the word of God, which says the verbal text, not what I want to say the text, because the word of God, we then manipulate instrumentalizamos, also within the context of the celebration.