Interesting Proposal

An interesting proposal in the current decorations decoration tend to rescue the color and textures of the walls, therefore, one of the best ways to do so is involving works of art like that you present below; It is is a unique composition, which includes the printing of natural leaves, leaves that convey the freshness of nature, by its native beauty aged Golden completion is achieved from the use of leaflets of gold, little explored technique that manages to bring distinction to our work. The complement of this box, relates to the imitation of limestone blocks, is a likeness is achieved by the use of a sandy material. The Union of these parties gets one structure integrates that he keeps viewers captivated by the perfection of techniques and by the combination of its colors. This type of box is available in environments where to print a clear contemporary decorative trend, where scenarios convey sophistication, where the main ingredient spaces will be innovative and avant-garde, can look perfectly in a hallway, living room or study. For even more analysis, hear from Ron O’Hanley. Are you decorating projects in mind? Do you want to learn?


Artificial turf is commonly used in sports areas or much pedestrian activity due to its higher resistance with respect to natural. However, its domestic utility for patios and gardens, due to details that often are overlooked, but which are then paid its consequences is also proven in households. On the one hand, it must remember the economic savings that implies long term this type of grass, since it requires no maintenance or irrigation almost. But not everything is economic comfort, as there are other factors that speak in your favor. Kids love to play on the playground, run, shoot, make stunts, playing ball and other activities that significantly wear down natural spaces.

However, artificial turf won’t miss to lose by this, and the person who chooses to invest in this type of grass will not have to worry because it can be damaging, and your children can have fun without being aware of them. People who have pets must neither worry the holes that they could dig the ground, surfaces covered with artificial turf it is impossible to happen. And where pets do your needs upon him, he could simply lift and rinse, because they are not damaged or burned. In the majority of households where there is swimming pool is very rare to see green around it, because chlorine breaks down and kills natural grass. However, artificial turf is not affected at all by this substance, so it won’t lose tone or stiffness. In addition, the material with which the artificial grass is made is anti fire, since on contact with flames it turns off, with which fire safety can be guaranteed. The advantages of placing it instead of opting for the natural grass are countless, but the exposed enough to get an idea about what is the most convenient for day-to-day activities carried out in the home.

The Atmosphere

The examples include photographies of exotic places, weddings, and the children who grow. If there is an adolescent in his house, its dormitory is probably the home of an enormous collection of CDs of music. They can create their own collage of wall with the covers of their CD. Although he is funnier to create collage you yourself, are companies that will become position of this by you. The cost oscillates between $ 50 for 8×10 to $ 150 by collage of wall of 20×24. When you decorate your room with art works remembers that these only are limited by your imagination.

You are not scared to experiment. As it were mentioned previously, the art works are easily disposable and simple to change them of place. Therefore, imaginative and creative. In order to create the perfect dormitory it follows the following advice of tips of decoration of you rechamber: It determines what will be the center of the room. It decides first in that wall will be placed the bed and later accommodates the other pieces. It cross-sectionally places the bed in a corner to give an unexpected aspect and original it rechambers to it.

Coloca a bureau and a lamp of each side of the bed. This adds balance to him to the decoration and provides a space to place water, books, or an awakener. It places a bank or trunk on the foot of the bed, will serve which you to keep targets or like an area it stops to sit down. Crea a rest area to add comfort to him to the room, you can place armchair or paded chairs. Always places a mirror in the room, this gives an elegance center him. Selecciona a closet to place the television or an equipment of audio, that in addition will serve to you like an extra space of storage. Encuentra a key article for the room, or armchair, chair, picture, closet or adornment around which turns the style of the decoration, the colors and the atmosphere. Decoration of you rechamber Decoration of you rechamber