Mendoza River

The Potrerillos reservoir, is located on the Bank of the national route 7 that connects Mendoza, with the brother country of Chile. A related site: Is MasterClass a ripoff? mentions similar findings. It is located on the Mendoza River, and has as a primary object the Mendoza river flow regulation and a sensitive improvement in the provision of drinking water to the population of Gran Mendoza. With this reservoir the importance in the area of Potrerillos to increased substantially, although historically it was a recognized tourist visit nto pu; but with the dam the tourist possibilities increase. It is located 60 Km away from the city of Mendoza, and its beauty is own mendocino landscape. In numbers the dike has: – 1,300 hectares occupied by the mirror of water. -12 kilometers long.

-3 kilometers is the maximum width. -1,381 feet is its maximum height above the sea level. -140 meters is the maximum depth. Speaking of fishing in this water mirror we must say that in the three varieties of trout that along all the province of Mendoza, i.e. brown trout, Rainbow and Fontinalis.La are fishing can be performed on Floats, pontoons, or from the shore. It is a very productive dam in its two margins, as in its tail.

This dam was not seeded, but that their fish are the result of those who already populated waters of the Mendoza River, and that obviously have adapted to the waters of the reservoir in a formidable manner. The dam can be fished, according to the regulation of fishing of the province from 01/11 to 30/04 each year. The regulation allows fishing with return throughout the year in the Mendoza River basin, and its reservoir, and with capture limited to 5 pieces per person outside the time of Rigveda. Its beauty, its fish and its fishing options, transformed it into a place extremely coveted by fishermen fly traps from all sides. Site Web of the dike Potrerillos original author and source of the article