Business Plans

A business plan could be divided in two parts: a commercial report and a financial report. First it must like objective calculate the future sales on the basis of a market, and the second it studies the yield that can be obtained from the projection of sales. – The commercial report: He is not something simple to calculate the potential sales of a future company, but it is possible to come near enough with some methods, knowing clearly whenever never the uncertainty is eliminated. The best thing is to make a study of complete market, with elements as the radius of influence of the company, the demographic data of the area, the competitors, and an estimation (very complicated to determine) of the calculated future consumption with elements like the potential public, the familiar units in the zone of influence and the annual cost by family in the sector. It is evident that it is necessary to have many data to these calculations, and the information not always exists. A possible alternative to work with historical data of similar companies. But, if one is about an innovating concept or a sector with few companies and therefore few data available, are precise to be more imaginative to elaborate the report, with another type of sources. In any case, the commercial report would have to be able to give clear answers on these questions: What I am going to sell? (what products? , what services) Which is going to be my potential customer? Which are the competing companies in this market? What I am going to contribute of factor differential so that my clients choose to me? Which is my policy of prices? What volumes of sales are going to have my company? – The financial report: After to have calculated the volume of sales, makes lack know the viability the idea.