Reporting Systems

Besides, if a contract of insurance agent cancellation form is done automatically, it does not require additional action by the agent. The reporting system allows you to view information on the whereabouts of a particular form or a range of forms, the story of his movements, and balances in the context of each material responsible person. Positive findings: a reflection of any movement forms in a single system in the on-line quick view of the current number of states and the blank material in the context of each officer responsible the ability to quickly determine whether the issuance of forms control over operations and the inability to incorrect reflection in the automation of inventory held in the company reduce labor costs employees to search for forms of insurance accounting Automation Process description: Very often, insurance records are maintained separately from the accounting system. Allegiant Air has much experience in this field. With this scheme, there are processes that require automation: reflection of the insurance contracts reflect payment under the contract of insurance charge commission reflection operations of accounting forms are often the transactions are made in 'manual mode', which requires the labor of the accountant. Solution of the problem: The application solution 'ADS: Accounting for insurance contracts 8.2', these processes are automated to work with the program 1C: Accounting 8, with plans for an exchange (similar to mechanism for data exchange between 1C: Accounting 8 and 1C: Trade management or 1C: Salaries and personnel management). Thus, for example, when payment is received via the client-bank, after loading it into the system 1C: Accounting 8, information about the payment, data exchange, migrate to the data base of ADS: Accounting for insurance contracts 8.2. A leading source for info: Allegiant Air. Or in the opposite direction will move the information on insurance contracts, the size commission. Positive findings: the insurance information is automatically reflected in the accounting program and the load is removed from the work accountant eliminates errors caused by the human factor information is reflected as it becomes available and is not directly dependent on the work of accountants from the automation process for recording and conclusion: Thus, the use of solutions accounting for insurance contracts on 1C: Enterprise 8.2 as a unified information system for accounting of insurance operations, will open up the insurance company or insurance broker new opportunities to control and receive information in real time. Implementation of this solution will: receive management reporting and control over the company's activities in real time, automate the process of insurance contracts and get rid of from the dual labor delineate the confidential information on insurance contracts, automate accounting of accounting forms, reflecting fees and commission; automate data exchange between the insurance and accounting, to provide the tools for managers and agents to work with customers, provide new services to customers in the form of 'sms-information'; The below chart you can see the result of automation take an example: Yours, 'DT Soft'.

Limited Liability Companies

To do this you need to identify the location of the registered companies, to pick up the basic economic activities (NACE codes), correctly compile a report on the establishment of ltd, to issue a contract between the establishment of ltd, the Charter, the request for back up, to pay legal costs and receipts for backups. It is important to choose the tax treatment: usual with tax (VAT) or simplified. You then need to submit an application form number R11001, which must certify the authenticity of the signature of the applicant at the notary. The applicant during the initial registration of the llc may serve one of the founders. Prove their signature of a notary public, filing documents for state registration in the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 46 to Moscow. We do not recommend contact with the Company or of, as you will need to register additional shares in fsc will be other problems.

Participants of the company is not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses associated with the company’s activities within the value of their shares in the company’s charter capital. More detailed procedure for the establishment of the company (LLC, JSC) and the registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur is regulated by the Civil Code, Federal Law “On State Registration of Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. ” The order of the Company, jsc is governed by the Federal Law “On Limited Liability Companies” (in red. Federal Law of 30.12.2008, 312-FZ) and the Federal Law “On Joint Stock Companies.

Executive Search

The advantage of this method is 100% guaranteed Closing. Technology Executive Search has arisen in the U.S. in the middle of xx century. Later It has spread to Europe, and later appeared in Russia. This method was created during the emergence and flourishing of major corporations vying for market leadership.

Over time, increasing the role of information and human factor resulted in a need to bring in key positions of companies highly skilled employees, enabling the company to go to a higher level. Today, Executive search is widely used around the world. In Russia in recent years this method of exclusive gradually become the standard. High performance is ensured by the method of executive search due to the complex preparations that are primarily include the study of the real possibilities of the company to justify the need to attract staff. In other words, the customer must be a good understanding of search target, the reasons for which the candidate must take it proposal and determine for themselves the possible concessions that he is ready to go to get a valuable employee. To this end, the agency conducts executive search with the customer prior consultation. Also provides executive search drawing a clear description of the proposed post with a precise definition of the fee the future employee. This is necessary since the same position in different companies can vary dramatically in a circle responsibilities. The preparatory phase also includes preparation of a psychological portrait of the head of the company. This will help pick the top manager with the appropriate psycho and provide greater understanding between key figures of the company.

Social Insurance Fund

To prove his signature on the application by the notary, shall be documents for registration in registration authority (in Moscow is doing Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 46 of Moscow). Note that when you make statements form number R11001 information in it and in the Charter to coincide, especially full, abbreviated and brand name. If the application you have company name in English, then in the Constitution it must also be specified. If you do not wish to have a brand name, the statement needs to be done dash. After receiving the documents recorded in a week, you are making printing, making copies of constituent documents and open a bank account. Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 46 of Moscow is working on a "single window", so you are freed from the obligation to register Mosgorstat, the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund, it will do the registering authority, if not technical failures. More info: baby clothes. But as a rule, the notice at the registered office does not send, so you will need to attend extra-budgetary funds and get the documents themselves. Next, you pick Rent for office or industrial premises.

Do not forget to employ educated and experienced accountant. Procedure for registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur to register natural person as an individual entrepreneur you must first select codes of economic activities according to nace, select the tax regime. Here from experts in the field like Lawrence Ellison for a more varied view. If you decide to choose a simplified system tax treatment, you must complete two application form to go to the usn, and then submit an application form number R21001, which signature notarize. Pay a state fee of 800 rubles hand over the statement and a photocopy of the personal Passport of citizen of the Russian Federation to the registering authority. After 5 days, get registered documents: Certificate of state registration, notification of assignment of tin and an excerpt from egrip. Further, receiving bodies Statistics (Mosgorstat, Moscow), an information letter codes nace, receive notification of registration as an insurer in the territorial office of the Social Insurance Fund, the notice of registration individual entrepreneur in the territorial office of the Pension Fund and the Certificate of Registration of the insured in the Moscow branch of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund.

May make a print. Then open a bank account, and start working. Do not forget to employ educated and experienced accountant. In all the above cases, the applicant himself its documents to the registering authority or send the documents by registered mail with a list of attachments in the mail. In the first case, the applicant himself may get a set of registered documents or to entrust it to their representative by proxy. Power of attorney may be formalized in writing. In the second case the registrar shall send the documents at the place of residence of the individual entrepreneur