Integral Programming

20 Anniversary of Integral Programming Integral programming commemorates in 2011 twenty years contributing global solutions to the computerization of independent companies and. They have been two decades filled with exciting moments, amazing changes, spectacular new features in which thousands of industralists are trusting in them project of Integral Programming, verifying how computer science stopped being a problem becoming the solution. After twenty years sharing experiences with its clients, Integral Programming is conscious that the management tools must be within reach of all the businesses to be highly competitive. For that reason throughout all the year he is going to send really exceptional promotions, already has several subsidys through which who take refuge in them will be able to acquire software with very advantageous conditions, their clients also can benefit from the plan of formation discounted and a line of financing of up to 36 months and without interests in the purchase of applications. The company specialized in professional software not only it would advise on the suitable solution according to the needs of each business, but also it provides the best form for its acquisition, diminishing therefore the effort of that wishes to implant it. In the 2011 the prices have not been increased, the quotas of maintenance even remain unalterable, with this measurement Integral Programming wants to contribute their sand grain in the fight against the crisis, in a year that in spite of the circumstances not to have to lose the illusion by the good work done and must be bet still more, if it fits, by the professionalisation in the management.

Integral programming is working with estusiasmo in a solution that will suppose an authentic revolution in the sector, that will in the last see the quarterly light of the year. This year of celebration, deserves the launching of a product well that is not going to be indifferent to anybody. On Integral Programming Integral programming, created company of national scope in the year 1991, center its activity in the development and commercialization of computer science applications for professional sectors, counting on a high specialization in air conditioning. industrial plumbing, heating, electricity, ironworks and provisions and compatible sectors, such as the catalogues and banks of prices, determined programs ERP of commercial and countable management or exclusive applications for collective. In addition it is in consulting services, programming to size, implantation, after-sales support and formation. Integral programming has the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000, System of Management applied to the design and accomplishment of software and support to the end user and the design and teaching of courses of the applications. Certificate of Microsoft Gold Level, having passed for it its technicians and their applications through the corresponding homologations demanded by Microsoft. Official title deed of Bidders and Classified Companies of the State in classifications P06B, V02B and V03A. For more information to contact with Integral Programming: Susana Puyol Marco – Responsible for Communication Tel 902 364 364 email: Source: Note of Press sent by INTEGRAL PROGRAMMING Dpto. of Communication.