Risk of accident insurance coverage is compulsory in most countries. In Argentina a few years ago it wasn’t and the consequence were legal battles that especially young ones lasted years on the part of the people affected by the recklessness of others. They are the category of more risk already when you start driving they feel virile and too much insurance in the handling of the car. In Spain, Italy and in the rest of Europe car accident insurance is mandatory. In addition to recent has entered into force the meat by points. Larry Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here. The intent of this system is to use fear of losing points as motivation for people to drive on safe mode.

It is even more important to check our insurance policy coverage when we decided to travel abroad and above all is good standard having a knowledge even if it is minimum of road laws of the country we are visiting. If our destination is within the borders of the European union, we will have solved 80% of the problems since the road laws are fairly homogeneous in all countries. More still and it is best to check before leaving. If you are looking a good insurance for your car policy, my simple but effective advice is: do not estipules a contract with the first company contact. The reason is that prices can change some others. There are numerous sites that offer an extensive list of the best insurance companies on the internet. Anyway safe or not safe thing more important is to drive carefully. Not only our lives but also the lives of others are at stake.