Bundesbank Brings 700 Tons Of Gold

By 2020, the transfer of 700 tons to be completed for quite some time experts and politicians criticize that a large part of the gold reserves of the Bundesbank in Germany and abroad will be stored. Critics accuse the Bundesbank even she don’t even know whether these reserves are indeed still available. Now, the Bundesbank also informed that wants to get around 700 tonnes of gold by the year 2020 after Germany. There are probably also a uncertainty in this respect, whether the Bundesbank in the event of a crisis can actually rely on the gold deposited in overseas. Also this could be one reason, that should be shifted until 2020 about 700 tons of gold in the country.

Thus the Bundesbank in a sense also reacts to the pressure in public, which was built up by many critics. According to Carl-Ludwig Thiele, the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, is begun this year to shift a portion of the 700 tons of gold to Germany. While it has set itself the goal the Bundesbank, that up the year 2020 half of total gold reserves in Germany are kept. Extremely high values stored in vaults overseas according to present state (end of 2012) the gold bullion currently stored abroad, have a total value of about 27 billion. About half of the gold reserves stored abroad are in the United States. The total gold reserves of the Central Bank included a total value of EUR 137 billion at the end of last year. Total amounts of gold treasure”to just 3,400 tonnes. Therefore hortet”the Bundesbank the second largest gold stock among all central banks.

While at the Fed fed”currently are little more than 1,500 tons of stored gold, with the Bank of England nearly 450 tons of German gold bars. More about 370 tons stored at the Banque de France. In this country so far more than 1,000 tons of gold are kept, so only about one-third of the total. The shift of foreign stocks in the country, the Bundesbank can also considerable costs Save, because of course the storage in the United States, United Kingdom and France is not free.