North Coast

For more information about vaccines we recommend visiting the website of the Ministry of health. Which places visit in my trip to Lapland? This is an excellent trip to explore a path of exploration on foot, by vehicle or canoe. Finland with its natural parks, the region of Russian Lapland, on the Kola peninsula, fascinating land where you iterate through the White Sea, Siberia, Barents Sea. Norway with its stunning fjords and cliffs of the North Coast and Sweden with their large and wooded wilderness, where nature, shows all that is wild and Virgin, a sorceress force that captivates the more skeptical of the travelers. Some unmissable places for those travelers who seek adventures: City of Tromso: in the North of Norway, it is a beautiful capital Arctic, full of culture and history surrounded by mountains, fjords and Islands. It was the starting point for numerous polar expeditions, as evidenced in the Polar Museum. Activities such as hiking or climbing cable car to appreciate breathtaking views of the city. Narvik City: City of Norway, belongs to the province of Nordland, inside the Arctic circle.

There are You can practice Alpine skiing, the city boasts media lift and a funicular railway from where you can observe the beautiful panoramic view with the option to continue walking towards the mountains. It is a mountainous area is one of the most chosen for various excursions in the mountains. As well as diving, visiting remnants of World War II shipwrecks, since these lands were fought battles between Spanish and French. Abisko National Park in the Swedish province of Lapland near the border with Norway. Nordic natural characteristics are preserved there. This region is ideal for hiking, with 425 kilometers of trails called Kungsleden.

City of Kiruna: in Swedish Lapland situated between two mountains, the Kiirunavaara and Luossavaara; next to the Luossajarvi Lake. The Kebnekaise Mountain, is the highest mountain in Sweden with 2.117 m altitude. Lake Enontekio: In Finland, near the Swedish, Finnish border, where can be excursions by canoe. Rovaniemi, capital of the North Finland. You can visit the Arktikum Museum, Polar Museum and the famous Arctic circle where it says inhabits the mythical Santa Claus. Oulanka National Park: Ideal for hiking activities. This Park is formed by forests of pines, beautiful valleys with numerous rivers and rapids and sandbanks, where inhabit numerous animals, some of them endangered species. Cave Museum Hjemmeluft: has an enormous variety of prehistoric rock engravings selected among the most numerous in the world, and 2,000 to 6,200 years old is part of the prestigious list of world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Without a doubt this region offers a complete tour of adventure activities (hiking, trekking on mountain, diving and trips, transfers, vehicles, maritime transportation, and navigation in canoe) about the mythical line of the Arctic Circle, and to know the essence of laponas cultures and the infinite nature of the great North. Do you prepared your? suitcases?