Tips for Motorists

Memo motorists: the oil change One of the most common mistakes novice motorists – not enough attention correctness maintenance machines. It's about a periodic oil change. But in vain – because of the quality content depends on the state, as well as the frequency of failure of the main units of automobiles. The simple folk wisdom says: "greedy pay twice" that could not be more sensitive to issues of service engine. Nor has much matter which brand you have a car: Hyundai-Tucson, Toyota or BMW: any mechanism needs careful treatment. Ripple is full of insight into the issues. Thus, we strongly recommend to remember these rules, which, despite the obvious and simple, is extremely important for the duration of engine life. => Carefully think over the problem of selection and viscosity grade oils. Keep in mind that praises the acquaintance or friend, can easily "finish off" your engine, if you have other brand or manufacturer.

=> Avoid using any supplements or additives in motor oil. Despite the statements by sellers, a positive result even if it comes, is not very long, but then guaranteed to need a will overhaul the engine. => Change the oil with a smaller interval than recommended by the manufacturer of the engine! Engine manufacturers are counting on the use of the motor in conditions close to ideal. Namely – the clean roads and high-quality fuel. If we take into account that, in the cis such conditions does not happen – Motor oils spoil more quickly.

=> Vacuum replace motor oil must alternate with the classical drain. At the "express" replacement of the engine is much more used oil than in the sink, which degrades its performance parameters. But even better "express" replacement use only in very rare cases where alternative simply does not exist. => Never buy the cheapest filters. The less-quality filter (talking about fuel, oil and air filters) – the more litter and dirt particles fall into the engine. In the future, this garbage turns into an excellent abrasive material, which is rapidly "dogryzaet" your engine inside. => At every oil change arrange to car mechanics you checked the chassis. Machine and so on the lift. For more than a small fee you will behave much more confident. => Do not take the oil to market from unknown sellers! Adulteration is not guaranteed to fit your engine and it's quite soon require repairs. Spend more, but buy motor oil in proven location. Remember that a good Motor oils – is now oil, and it does not matter who his producer, Shevron, Elf or Motul Source:

The Pump

In the case of wear items fphp When the piston down the pump motor oil penetrates into the workspace elements pump. Here, motor oil mixed with diesel fuel along with it is injected into the combustion chamber, and there burns. When carrying out repairs to diesel engines in-line fuel pump, carried out due to increased oil consumption is always recommended to expose the control also in-line injection pump. These works are usually held in the folding state of the test stand. Reason 4.

Contamination of intake air. The air that is sucked into the combustion chamber is doing a big way, and there he meets many compounds, some of them such as rubber. From long-term use of these rubber tubes may burst, burst, leaking starts to drain the dirty air. It is also possible for a bad air filter, this dirty air enters the combustion chamber. It causes high friction due to rapid wear of piston rings. Others including Bernard Golden , offer their opinions as well. And this leads to oil leakage, that's so difficult for all recourse)) Reason 5 – Poor seal seal valves.

With a large gap will be high oil consumption. By the way a seal can be damaged during assembly, be careful. Reason 6 – Improperly assembled cylinder head. Possibly caused by distortion components unit, therefore there is depressurized, oil will fall into the cylinders to burn. That there was no bias, follow the rules tightening the cylinder head. Reason 7 – Very high pressure in the crankcase. With the gases leaving the so-called "oil mist" it is produced as a consequence of crankshaft.

Chinese Trucks

Portrayed in the most different points of view. Some say that Chinese machines generally unsuitable for use. Others argue the opposite, that today cars from China hardly inferior in quality Japanese production and thus much cheaper. Today, Chinese factories produce cars with engines of Euro-2, as well as more modern, relevant norms of Euro-3. At present, all Chinese factories trucks can be divided into three groups. Leadership positions are held by the company, modernized by Japanese companies and manufacturing trucks licensed from Isuzu, Nissan and .

Quality of the where production is high. Even better cars assembled in the maquiladoras, but their cost is too high for Russian consumers. And finally, the third group of plants – automobile assembly and auto repair. In China, their great variety of cars here are going to almost every village. Externally products looks quite decent, but its quality leaves much to be desired.

In recent years a tendency to absorb small plants large. China has been gradually reducing the number of assembly plants, preferring to develop and produce new models of their own, using the latest foreign achievements. All enterprises engaged in exports of medium and heavy trucks, are among the leaders of the Chinese automotive industry. At present, Chinese auto makers control a significant portion of the market of Southeast Asia, and more recently started to supply trucks in Europe. But in Russia, eastern neighbor of our cars still remain a dark horse? that has not stopped them winning more and more new roads! Today, the cheapest cars Chinese are no more expensive than domestic trucks in its class. However, the machines from China are more economical. For ease of operation and ergonomics Chinese trucks also outperform domestic. For quality build Chinese trucks are not inferior products of Russian factories. Moreover, if domestic manufacturers do not urgently improve the quality of assembly of their cars and start to install them modern diesel engines, then they soon will not be able to compete with Chinese enterprises. Build quality of Chinese vehicles is related to the quality of Japanese and European factories. Serious problems with the delivery of spare parts, not expected, since all Chinese trucks to a large extent been harmonized among themselves and Japanese cars. To date, the ratio of price – quality, Chinese trucks are unmatched. Chinese trucks – the right choice for those who appreciate high quality and reliability at an affordable and competitive price!

Moscow Taxi Drivers

History taxi Moscow. History of a taxi in Moscow begins in 1920 when, after the destruction of all taxi companies and the confiscation of all the taxis in 1917, the government decided to revive this kind of business. The first taxi on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg began to cars, Fiat and Renault, while these companies have worked to create vehicles specifically designed for use as taxis. In 1912, in St. Petersburg was already about 330 taxis in Moscow, their number was about 220, and in other cities, the number of taxi is less than ten. A gradual increase in the number of taxis was observed before the October Revolution of 1917, when a taxi was almost ceased to exist Russia. But in 1924 it was decided to purchase cars for taxis in France, but there were only about a dozen, and clearly not enough for the needs of the city.

Thus, it was to increase the number of taxis, which by 1926 is 200 units. At the time, there are no private taxis, even in the heyday of the NEP, all taxis belonged only to the state. It would seem that it is quite normal for the system in those years, but from the very beginning of the case to the state was one of the main drawback is the lack of control over its implementation. There have been attempts by the authorities begin to control the operation of taxis, the first of these was the installation of the device for cars 'Autograph', which records all the data Travel: speed, motion, stop, total mileage and distance from each trip.

Automotive Group

As a result, in May, has sold 206 387 new cars, which is 11.9% more than last year. In general, the first five months this year, the French car market has been sold 896,318 new cars that, according to preliminary data, 1.4% less the same period last year. In Italy, in March, has adopted a package of anti-crisis measures, which stimulates the purchase of new cars. As a result of increased sales of cleaner cars, noted in anfia. Among the best-selling models in May on the first and second place was Fiat Punto (17,044 pcs.) And the Fiat Panda (1916 555sht.). In total, over 5 months in Italy, has been sold 918,100 passenger cars, which is 14.7% lower than last year.

On growth automobile market began to affect public support. For European markets, without the incentive programs by the authorities, it will not end soon. In Ukraine, there was 'shock' of the market decline because of similar actions in the economy and the banking sector. European countries have actually come to pakazatelyam recession in 60-65%, but it will take them 13 months. In Spain, in May, sales of new cars fell by 38.7% to 71,161 units. Spanish car market falls for the 13 th consecutive month, but decline gradually slows down.

Since the beginning of the year in this country were only 336.4 thousand new cars, which is 42.7% lower than last year. We emphasize that in Last year in May in Spain have already recorded a 30% drop in sales, so the numbers fall just stunning. And the fact that the decline has continued for the 13th month, says the protracted nature of the crisis. In the U.S., as well prefer to save 'Drowning' by providing funds to pay off debt and saving the stock markets. Trade in air led to a domino effect it: the sales are falling rapidly, automakers go bankrupt, unemployment is growing. Sales cars and SUVs in the U.S. market in May, according to Ward's Automotive Group, was 923,346 units, up 31.2% lower than the same month last year. Sales of the automakers, "Detroit Three", which share has 46.6% market share in May decreased by 28.9%, slightly more successful than 31-percent decline of the market as a whole. The biggest negative trend, and this time showed Chrysler – on 44,8% to 78,777 vehicles. General Motors sales declines beginning to slow down – in May implementation of the Group amounted to 190,930 units, down 26.3% lower than the same month in 2008. As in April, smaller than the other American brands has reduced sales of Ford Motor – by 21,1% to 159,174 vehicles. Leading Japanese brands in May slowed down the fall in the U.S. market. Toyota has reduced the sale at 38.4% to 152,583 vehicles (April – 41,9%), Nissan – by -30.5% to 67,489 units, Mazda – by 37.8% to 16,718 vehicles and – to 56.7% to 4,352 units. But Honda, which is the second volume of sales of Japanese brand after Toyota, increased the fall, realizing 98,344 vehicles – by 29.2% less than the previous year (in April 2009 – 25,3%). Hyundai sales in May decreased by 17,4% to 36,937 vehicles. At the same time, Kia sold 26,060 cars, which is 12.8% lower than in April 2008. These facts eloquently that the best way to save the economy is about people. Subsidies to the population when buying a new car dramatically increase your sales. Maybe our government so it is worth take the example of Germany and instead of imposing a tax on imports, allocate subsidies to buyers of cars produced in Ukraine?