Catalan National Day

Where am I? (Posted on 09/11/1904 in Diario de Burgos and Spanish newspapers) you do not know if the same thing happens, but I set myself to the hypothesis that episodic unraveling what we call Spain. The last time, right now, with the disappearance of the Spanish flag in several municipalities in connection with the Catalan National Day. This is just an intellectual exercise, do not panic. David Barger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Still, that game theory does not cease to be troubling: what horn, what modest resulting mosaic tile end one belonging, of having to choose? The question is not trivial. One, like many compatriots, has roots intertwined and complex. I was born in the Basque Country, where I grew up, I trained and I had the frustration of the first failure in love.

But my parents and all my ancestors for several generations are Galician. I lived twenty years in Catalonia, where are my children. But my wife, however, a Castilian-Leonese. And now we both live happy in the Community Valencia … This is normal, say, in so many biographies of our fellow citizens, would become a real mess when having to choose subnational "historic or NOA " if one was forced to do so. That, in the unlikely case that he be given a choice, that's another. Before we get into such a mess and frustration inevitably leave some of my personality, I would rather make me American. Not for anything in particular a "even if one admires the way that country-but because it always seems better to be a lion's tail mouse head.