Sun Protection Against Sunburn

Which sunscreens are best suited glowing with nine fingers against sunburn red ears, small pustules or vesicles: who overdoes it with the Sun or even unprotected consists of you, gets a painful receipt. It is so easy to protect. Yet it shows only rarely the long-awaited summer sun. But in a few weeks that surely change and complain throughout Germany over the hot temperatures. Now potential sunbathers on the best protection against the aggressive rays should worry.

Because sunscreens only over a certain period of time have their full effect, the Cabinet heard once cleaned. Before the purchase of a new Sun protection they should comply with following tips for pain-free sunbathing. Many people tend to cream her body only during your stay in the Sun. Usually much is also used for the protection of health too little sunscreen, as associations of pharmacists, Ursula reseller mountain, reported the press officer of the German Confederation. With the right amount can be determined easily a slight trick: taking the length of the index finger as a measure, nine have to strip sunscreen of this length will apply to the entire body.

Who is using too little sunscreen, however, go by a lower SPF. The appropriate sun protection factor in turn depends on the skin type of the people and the location. The stronger the sunlight and the pale skin, the greater must be the number on the label fail. Multiplied by the skin’s own protection time the time can determine, where the sunlight has no negative effects. A range of sunscreens are available on the market. Many contain chemical filters, which work only after half an hour. Faster it goes with physical means of protection. Sunscreens without emulsifiers are suitable for allergy sufferers. There are different types of sunscreen. Most have a chemical filter. The factors penetrate into the skin and absorb the Sun’s rays there. You need However a period of time until they act and therefore already half-an-hour before sun exposure need to be applied. Unlike physical means of protection work. When these creams, lay the protective layer next to the skin and act immediately. More information: ../ohne-schmerzen-sonne-tanken /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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