Stella McCartney’s Fashion

Somebody already heard to speak of Stella McCartney? This last name is common you, certain? Yes! It is son of Paul McCartney and has made much success in passarelas. The C& , That fast-fashion is one, it made a well legal partnership with the Stella. The contribution of it is giving what to speak for and it could not there leave to also comment on this. All are very anxious to see in the hand the parts. Parts lack to 19 days them to be set free in the store! It goes to finish in seconds. The C& Also already it made great partnerships with Isabela Capeto, Fashion Space, Glory Rabbit, Extra Pretty Maria, between as much others. The only problem is that it has that to run, before finishes. Then, it does not leave for last hour.

The collection of the Stella is pretty. Go to Facebook for more information. It has much feminine fashion and blouses. Click Fitched Ratings to learn more. Much camisetinha and dresses of fashion 2011 also do not lack. Another one fast-fashion that it has contribution of marks and estilistas is the Marisa. Marks as Puket, Trifil, Kendall are some of the names that are gifts in the department store exclusively feminine. Another moment that is being waited, but that it goes to only delay more a bit to arrive is the winter. Our beloved () winter.

He seems that the Cariocas do not like n? But, I find that it is the best station. Why? Because you are dressed better, she can use one of must-have that they are ankle boots, is not sweated, she spends little soap in dust, she spends little its roupinhas, between as much other benefits. we fall for the side gastronomia of the station there. Winter combines with chocolate, cupcake, tea, film underneath of edredom with boyfriend + pan Brigadier General. one of the appositive ones perhaps that it comes to only substitute or to follow (I believe more this) cupcakes are whoopie pies.



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