State Production

“LASER COMPONENTS introduces new production manager for laser optics for the start in the new fiscal year, LASER COMPONENTS’ Managing Director Patrick Paul the new production manager for the area welcomes optical technologies: I am pleased that we have gained an experienced expert for this task with Uwe Schallenberg.” The thin-film technology is the hobby of the native Upper Franconia for over 35 years. Already after graduating specializes in optical layers of the physicist of the University of Jena and remains faithful to this focus until today. Hold off old but a chance give the new”explained Sadik his recipe for success. The science remains the same, but new technologies promise new products. In recent times, Sadiq was active with his own engineering firm as a consultant. He is a sought-after partner for feasibility discussions of new designs, testing optical and technological requirements; Research on the State of the art are to everyday life, to new Products to make.

The step from consulting to production manager fell him easily: you can get such a chance not all days. I wanted to have back all day a team around me to the people”, so Sadiq. Since the disclosure of his knowledge is important to him. He sparkles with zest and has lots of ideas in my head that he will henceforth implement. More information: de/company/equity optics production / we invite you on a virtual tour through our manufacturing facilities: here, see the video production



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