Specialist – To Be Or Not To Be? -Part 2

Details of my training as an it specialist for system integration part 2 after I in the first part (specialist – be or not be?) from my General and the operational experiences of my training reported have, would I like to now the school. First of all, I want to clarify that I neither an intellectual overachiever still totally fell on his head. But one I need to get rid of at the beginning: the vocational school was too easy. On the one hand it was really cozy in the vocational school, you had to go through a day maximum again briefly the substance and has written his 1. Often it also filed in the morning on the train to look at the content.

For the audit because it bypassed yes I learned something more then but yet something strebsamer. On the other hand one wonders today often, what you learned there actually? It is not such a way that nothing is taught, but it can require something more in 3.5 years. Where noted, that I am somewhat damaged by my current studies, because at the moment, nothing is without much cramming to create. The training came one too good in the first semesters, but the extent of the material is no longer comparable. Teachers were often me, than when they already expect nothing of the students. According to many we were even the favored class”. “” I know that himself too much with what I call the teachers at the schools unwilling “have to do and they also cannot change the curriculum (we had no math specialist), but I felt with my level of knowledge at the end of the training not really trained” them times above. There were also people whose Noten were not exactly the best, but something is nobody we remained seated or something.

I wanted more. Ultimately I decided then to start a study of you may have read in my first articles. Is this article not so please I badly want the training as an it specialist, I do not want that. I find the task panes are still interesting and would like to later in my Love to get a mix of my current studies and my former training as a job employment. Maybe this is a difficult task, but my former supervisor has done it. I find much more interesting than to focus on a range of this balanced work with all facets of the IT-rail. The author Michael Sander writes articles for sites such as E.g. E Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding. unstig.de in his spare time also

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