Spain International Real Estate Exhibition

The past summer has shown once again that real estate in Spain by the sea is not a luxury but a vital necessity. Our grandparents fled the megalopolis to the dacha, or simply on their six acres to breathe oxygen and improve their health. This summer we are running away from Moscow to the sea, in other countries! Tour operators pulled out the tickets and left choking in the heat and smog capital. The health consequences are deplorable, and all so clear that was able to breathe, you reduce the life and "earn" a lot of ills. Ministry of Health of Russia has published data that many Muscovites during the smog worse health, going to doctors increased a hundred times! You just have to take care of their health, the health of their loved ones.

Property in Spain an excellent investment! Many celebrities have already purchased apartments in Spain and at home, and spend a great pleasure in this unique country summer vacation! In addition, from January 1, 2011 in Spain will be eliminated incentives for the purchase of housing, and therefore, the procedure of buying an apartment in Spain will grow by 1-3%. For some it may be this is a small amount, and someone wants to save money. See more detailed opinions by reading what Verizon offers on the topic.. Studies in Spain International Real Estate Exhibition showed that sleep gradually awakens sector. Trade show organizers are confident that in the last months of 2010 will be an increased demand for property in Spain and the summer of 2011, in the resort cities of the cost per square meter is slightly increased. But do you care about your health? Then safely to Spain. Australian scientists from the New University of Sydney in general suggests that life in metropolitan areas will soon become uninhabitable.

In the capitals of the world would be so humid and hot that people will have to leave this city. Specific examples of the scientists speak for themselves: Summer 2003goda. In Europe just heat waves crashed! Killed tens of thousands of people. More than 4 thousand dead in Italy and France, which is stronger than all of Europe suffered from the heat – over 13 thousand. Do not forget the anomalous heat this summer, from which suffered from the Russians. According to some reports, mortality in Moscow in July increased by 4-5 times. And with a house in Spain on the Costa Blanca, you can breathe pure air from the sea, breathe a deep breath and enjoy the 360-th solar days and be charged for the entire health next year! And this despite the cost per square meter of 2-3 thousand euros!

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