South America Knows

If you have a heart of explorer and adventurer, plenty of desire and curiosity by new cultures, they see and sails in our Web and adntrate in an addictive world of adventures of trips in the exciting and beautiful South America. Our experience turns to us into specialists in the handling of small groups, and this way we maximized the experiences of trip of each of our clients. We strived to the maximum for ensearte the true South America, the truth of each place that we visited, having contact with local people, its histories and its cultures, respecting to the maximum to environment, Llevndote to the heart of each destiny, knowing local people who call to these places ” hogar”. On Journey Experience After spending almost ten years traveling through all South America, we a group of experienced and intrepid travellers decided to return to house, in order to make reality an idea that years were clearing us the dream in the last, which were to create our own one company of trips, but with one conviction To only do the True Difference. We do not want to practice an irresponsible and egoistic tourism, we want to do of this a sustainable, viable and socially responsible activity and that we as company we use sustainable, respectful procedures with means and the people.

We bet to reduce to the maximum the polluting emissions that generate our trips, in addition so that we valued plus the small ones hotels, local operators of Tours, we promote that but people benefit from this activity, we made sure that all our suppliers of services work with right prices and nona coast of the operation of the workers and the degradation of the environment, this way also we made sure that most of the money that You payment reinvert yourself in same the places to we visited them, and thus managed to invigorate and to improve the conditions of life of local people. We create firmly that to travel it abre the mind to the people, us makes tolerant but with one same one and with its fellow, it teaches to values and respect to us towards a our resemblances and also to want to take care of and to protect but to this place that is our called home Planet Earth.



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