Similar Code

Soon it returns to be regulated this matter by another Similar Code. For example, if the arbitration in the Peruvian State returns to be regulated by the Civil Code or by the Civil Procedural Code a recodificacin process would exist. Connect with other leaders such as Milton Hershey School here. For some authors after the decoding of all ways a recodificacin takes place, which is not correct so that the same, is only one legislative option. 15. CODIFICATION AND SPECIALIZATION Diverse specialties in the right exist, in such sense the lawyers can choose the following specialties: straight civil, procedural civilian, penitentiary, procedural penitentiary, labor, procedural labor, office staff, procedural office staff, constitutionalist, procedural registry, electoral, commercial, club, record, banking, competing, stock-exchange, enterprise, customs constitutionalist, among others. Of these branches the specialistic lawyers can dominate one or but branches of the right. We must need that it is easier to specialize in branches of the Peruvian right codified, as they are the civil right, right procedural civilian, penal right, procedural penitentiary, constitutionalist, environment, military, right penitentiary of minors, tributary, among others.

The ecclesiastical right is codified. This happens in all the legal systems that belong to the germanic Roman family, like Spanish, Argentine, Chilean, Bolivian, Venezuelan, Colombian, German, Swiss the system legal, Belgian, among others legal systems. And it is more difficult to specialize in not codified branches of the right, as they are in the Peruvian right the customs right, the financial, administrative right, among others. Nevertheless some branches of straight Peruvian they are not codified but their norms are reunited in almost a single normative body like the club, competing, record right, among others. In addition branches of the Peruvian right exist and Spanish and Argentine that although it is certain are codified, at least partially as the registry right turns out complex to specialize in the same. 16.



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