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The real estate company SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB) is benefiting from the positive development of the German Office real estate market. This shows extremely dynamic in the last year. More than three million square metres of office space have been implemented in the six main office locations in Germany in the last year. This represents an increase of 16 percent compared to the previous year. Not only that. This result is also the second-best in the past ten years”says Hans Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Auch Colliers International Germany considers this result to be amazing and reported that in the last quarter of 2011 so much office space newly leased or owner-occupiers was no longer occupied by since 2007.

We are on the right track”, the real estate expert says the SHB, Hans Gruber. For him, it is important that the companies operating in the real estate market to expand their core competence and thus offer a real benefit, as it did, for example, the SHB AG. The Aschheimer company, with headquarters in Close to Munich, specializes on professional management of Office properties, which can finance it in the form of closed-end funds initially by investors. Investors in income from the lease of the objects. At the end of the Fund will be sold the objects to the applicable market value and typically achieve significant added value. The press went”in particular the great rentals last year, thinks the SHB real estate expert. Great rentals were made, for example, by OSRAM with proud 46,000 square meters in Munich by Lufthansa AirPlus with more than 20,000 square meters in the Hesse city of Frankfurt and the University of Hamburg with around 14,000 square meters in the Hanseatic City.

In addition, many more contracts took place, later captured and once again improved the already positive statistics from 2011. This development with the raised chances of prices shows that the real estate belonging to the offer for is no longer indispensable German investors”, so the SHB AG financial professional Gruber. Many neutral institutions such as scope, FERI, and others confirm the trend towards tangible assets. This may be related also, that Germany has a substantial backlog in real estate prices in comparison with other European countries”, so Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Fact is, that again occurred particularly in the dynamically growing urban areas for the first time in many years to real price increases. This growth is evaluated by experts as quite healthy and not so rapid as in some other European cities in the last few years. We have an attractive economy, a strong export, sustainable capital market interest rates and favorable financing conditions for real estate, to coming to a global demand for German real estate, because it can afford to, for example, hardly a serious international company, not on the German market to be present”, so the SHB Innovative fund concepts AG real estate expert Gruber. The experts of the SHB must know: you are home for many years exclusively in the German real estate.

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