Satellite Internet Download

The first priority is the need to respect the user policies of fair use, ie Client agrees not to download large (more than 3 MB) documents. If you violate the above policy called the download speed will be reduced in direct proportion to the very low level until the user does not change the way we use skyDSL. The first priority of tariffs 'Premium' bezlimiten, but it without substantial rate reduction does not work for more than 7 GB download. To download large files is the second priority, that does not operate a policy of fair use, speed does not vary Depending on the amount of downloads. 'Premium 2' at a price of 1490 euro / month includes 2 GB on the second priority, and "Premium 3 '- 4 GB at a cost of 1790 Euro / month. Additional traffic on the second priority is paid based on the cost 65 kopecks. for MB The family tariff 'Flat' is nothing if not a limited way to use anlimitnye tariff plans with several levels of the upper limits of speed (up to 250 kbs – 1890 rub., Up to 500 kbs – 3700 rub., Up to 1000 kbs – 7200 rub., To CHD 2000 – 17 700 rub.).

It is these tariffs Satellite Internet skyDSL designed for those who are planning to download or download significantly more than 10 GB / month, while allowing to save huge amounts of money. But why, you ask, the ordinary user of this volume information? Here are some examples: eMule: download foreign movies and music, are not in the file archives of your local providers, including, for example, films, forbidden for whatever reasons, censorship Russia. In the file-sharing networks, eMule, BitTorrent has absolutely all the films created over the history of cinema. It is no exaggeration to say the world's largest archive of film, video and audio. Satellite Internet is capable of skyDSL turn your computer into a music store at home without pay for content and traffic. Many users, even the most modest rate 'Flat' satellite Internet skyDSL pump hundreds of gigabytes of information every month, and this is more than a hundred films and many hours of audio only for 1890 euro / month dating sites consume a lot of traffic, because contain multiple images. High-speed satellite Internet allows skyDSL much easier and faster search process its second half. It's enough to use the advanced search forms, and pointing your search, browse over small time interval of 400-500 photos from the questionnaires, not worrying about the cost of the downloaded traffic (Only one such session in view of 400-500 questionnaires average cost Russia 1 – 1.5 Euro / MB for ADSL can easily make a couple thousand). At the same time Satellite Internet skyDSL from "Skynet" can not think about the cost of traffic in both cases.



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