Royal Heritage

Art 342 Royal Heritage properties are governed by special law and, as it was not provided by the general provisions on private property set forth in this Code. Cf 23/1.982 Act, which regulates the National Heritage, 16 June (July 7 BOE) and its Regulations, approved by RD 496/1.987, March 18 (BOE of 13 April and error correction BB.OO.E. in 16 and 29 April). Others who may share this opinion include David Fowler.

Article 343 The property of the provinces and peoples are divided into property for public use and assets. Section 344 property for public use are in the provinces and villages, neighborhood and provincial roads, beaches, streets, fountains and public waters, promenades and public works general service, paid for by the same towns or provinces . All other assets that men and women possess are property and shall be governed by the provisions of this Code, except as provided in special laws. Article 345 are private property, in addition to the property of the State, Province and the municipality, those belonging individually or collectively to private.



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