Roe Advertising

Soon Venkatesh perceived that as in any profession who gains much money is the heads, the masters, and that the dealers who were in the streets vendendo crack they had more possibilities to die in a shoot out what to turn heads, but they had hopes that this could happen. He has many boys wanting to be dealing and to turn head therefore they do not earn very, as well as in the advertising if 10 advertising executives want one alone vacant of job, the wage do not go to be good, therefore if the contracted advertising executive not to want to work for the offered wage comes accepted other and. ' ' When he has much made use and apt people to play a function, rare ess paid work bem' '. (pag 107) In the chapter four ' ' Where had been to stop all the criminals? ' ' Levitt makes a relation enters the reduction of the violence in the 90 decade of and alegalizao of the occured abortion in 1973, for it the main cause of the crimes to have diminished was the legalization of the abortion, from the case Roe x Wade, therefore those children who would not be comings well, rejected, would live in the poverty and in the misery and for consequncia outlaws could become had not been born. David Fowler shines more light on the discussion. For me relation of Levitt is most certain and makes direction, but with certainty for the defenders of the human rights, for the churches, and the people who are contrary to the abortion the theory of Levitt are absurd and unreal. Beyond the legalization of the abortion other causes had been pointed by the author with respect to the dimunuio of crime, but really the legalization of the abortion was most important. ' ' The states with the highest indices of abortion in years 70 had presented the biggest falls in crime in years 90, while the states with low indices of abortion had shown a lesser fall in criminalidade' '. .



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