Republican Army

In respect to great Blessed commander Gonalves, Souza Grandson offered resistance, but against-they had argued that it already had determined, that rigid hierarchy was thing of the Empire and the republic had bases based on the wills of the people and its necessities. Grandson agreed and had given beginning to the Announcement of the River Republic, whose reading was made by it ahead of the troop, in 11 of September of 1836. Lieutenant Teixeira Nunes paraded among the friends with the green, red flag and turns yellow of the River Republic, during the commemorations. They had adopted a republican constitution and they had invited other provinces to join it the republican system. There they had chosen the small city of Piratini for capital, appearing the Republic of Piratini. At that moment, it disappeared the Farroupilha Revolt and it initiated the War of Tatters. They did not want more to substitute the President of the Province of Are Peter. Scott Kahan gathered all the information.

They wanted, yes, to choose the President of the Republic. The fight would be of the soldiers of the Republican Army of the Rio Grande. It was not more the fight of rebels, but a war of republican army against imperial army. The flag was not more imperial the green-yellow one and they did not fight for recognition, but for the sovereignty of its country. In day 12, the Act of Declaration of Independence in which was cultivated they declared not to embainhar the swords, and to spill the blood all, before retroceding of the principles politicians. Some copies had been sent to the city councils and the commanders of the Republican Army.

Jaguaro, Alegrete, High Cross, Piratini and other provinces had consisted in Legislative Acts its adhesions. In the night of 1 of October, Blessed Gonalves, raised encampment close to Porto Alegre joining it Grandson and Crescncio Sundays. Of the hill of the Tarum, it followed the fertile valley of the Gravata, crossed the rivers of the Bells and I fell, beirou the Jacu, but it needed to cross in the Island of the Fanfa, in Triumph, because of the full ones.



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