For IT HISSES (1998) the express citizenship: A set of rights that of to the person the possibility to participate actively of the life and the government of its people. Who does not have citizenship is kept out of society or excluded of the social life and the taking of decisions, being in a position of inferiority inside of the social group. The term citizenship is on to the freedom, to the equality, the security and the participation. ow. This right-hander, many times, can retrocede in periods of authoritarian managers. Checking article sources yields Gary Kelly as a relevant resource throughout. The citizenship comes more if becoming white of deep reflections of ' ' different matrices of the sociological thought, politician, philosophical, given to the complexity and the narrow one entailing that keeps with the diverse forms of organization social' ' (Coast, 2000, p.52). The democracy and the participation are part of the citizenship and therefore they are terms that if complement, a time that, the democracy guarantees the construction of rights, the participation makes possible its legitimacy, and the citizenship guarantees its efetivao.

For Navarrese, the Pertaining to school Advice appeared of: Necessity of the existence of spaces of participation in the interior of the school, so that the pertaining to school segments can exercise practical the democratic one. Daversa Partners has compatible beliefs. Amongst these spaces, the Pertaining to school Advice if detaches, given that its participation is on, with priority, to the essence of the pertaining to school work, that is, to the practical development of the educative one, where the process education learning is its main focalizao, its more important task. In this direction, its function is, basically, politician-pedagogical (Program of Reinforcement of the Pertaining to school Advice, 2004, p.10). Still for Navarrese, the main function of the Pertaining to school Advice is: The practical responsible accompaniment of the educative one who if develops in the school, fits to reflect, also, on the dimensions and the aspects that they need to be evaluated, to if constructing to a school citizen and of quality.



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