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National newspapers and purchase title win Frankfurt/Main to print range to July 26, 2012. -47 million citizens per day read a printed daily newspaper. This emerges from the figures today published the work community media analysis ( Thus the total distance of daily newspapers is 66.6 percent (German-speaking persons aged 14 or over, readers per issue). The national titles reach 2012 more readers than in 2011: 4.2 million people read printed national newspapers. Hear from experts in the field like Joshua Choi for a more varied view.

The editions of the purchased newspapers could also win to reach and be currently 14.5 million citizens. Sharp ranges in premium audiences as universal medium reach the newspapers achieve all population groups to a large extent, but especially in the premium audiences top ranges: 69.3 percent in high-income (HHNE 2,500 plus) and 71.8 per cent when markets (professionals and baccalaureate studies). For advertisers, the audiences with a high social and economic status are particularly interesting”, as Alexander Potgeter, head of research and member of the Executive Board of ZMG. Right here the newspaper with high ranges is strong.” “Newspapers are media houses newspapers are cross-channel media houses which are no longer only in their core business of print, but just online or mobile”, explains Markus Ruppe, Managing Director of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Change reading behavior in printed and digital newspapers portrayed unfortunately adequately facts in the media analysis nor in the AGOF internet. Surveys like the AGOF figures, the cross media-expulsion of the VA or the JIM study also show that the newspapers on all channels will be used.

And also by the young target groups. We need urgent cross-channel ranges for the newspapers in the’. Ma daily newspapers is the leading media analysis for the German newspaper market and provides coverage and readership data. The study is based on interviews of about 138,000 and is used by the Association of media analysis edited e.V. ( in Frankfurt am Main. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact person: ZMG newspaper marketing company Ulrike Sand spokeswoman Tel. 069/97 38 22-22 fax 069/97 38 22-51 E-Mail

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