Pine Time

— the likeable Landmark gentleman said looking at pparently nosolhos. – Then its Peter, today seems one of those typical days of outonoaqui in our city, never knows will go itself to burn our head to outorrar our sole of shoe! Oh quandary! — it pronounces the young one to tentandoesmiuar a smile that soon was collected for the indifference of the listener. Landmarks saw that age one of those moments where it the time silenciogovernava, looking at only for face of that aged wise person oque not to wait; the next act could ousimplesmente very be an shout of fury one well ' ' it stops of saying to nastiness moleque, I do not have time prapiadinha' ' ; All possible age! – Oh boy I forgot its water seats there that already I go to search! – dissesaindo half estarrecido. The hot young that more sweated to each moment sentiaum cold sensation and at the same time; the eyes enxergavam and tambmse contracts the point not to want to confide; at last she seemed primeirodia of lesson for it! in these days many things normalmenteaconteciam! But it seated, and there also he took in one sip the water cup alone. While I eliminate it observes it to adentrar its throat with an eye, comoutro observed you that it finishes of delivering the cup to it to seat-sena chair and as in one to blink of eyes to open the mouth: – It is, I do not know if you know but to some years this was worse here knows? One 20 years behind this quarter here only it had two streets, and praticamente3 houses.

Exactly mine of its mother and this there of the front that napoca was of Mr. Oswaldo Pine of its Leninha woman and of adorvelLel, the son of them. — she for the first time smiles you of olhosfechados as if at that moment alone she saw that image.



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