Photo Trip To Hamburg

Photographic training in Hamburg during a weekend photo trip a weekend-long Hamburg photographic experience and advanced form. 3 days photo workshop and photo workshop program. End of June the nationwide rate of photo and photo workshop provider FF photo organized a weekend on the subject of photography to Hamburg. Ambitious hobby photographs offers is the possibility of a total two and a half days to deepen their knowledge. Jos Shaver insists that this is the case. These are several photo coach and different for different levels of training courses available. So interested photographer can compose their own programme of events from the offer. Offers on-site are: A basic course for beginners and newcomers to digital photography or alternatively a street photography course for beginners and advanced a Fotoralley including detailed image review and award a workshop outdoor people photography or alternatively an Architektufotoworkshop in the port city which are individual events also can be booked individually, the biggest learning effect but is at time of booking the entire offer expect. To learn more about the photo travel offer after Hamburg under:

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